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Razorpay POS Unveils ‘Q-Zap’ to Transform Retail Checkout Experience

Razorpay POS

Razorpay POS, the offline payments division of fintech leader Razorpay, has introduced ‘Q-Zap’, a cutting-edge suite designed to streamline retail checkouts and eliminate long queues. This innovative solution aims to reduce billing wait times by 40%, significantly enhancing the in-store customer experience and cutting annual operating costs for retailers by up to 20%.

Addressing a prevalent issue in retail, Q-Zap offers self-checkout kiosks and handheld POS devices, allowing customers to complete transactions anywhere within the store. This not only shortens wait times but also boosts customer satisfaction.

Seamlessly integrating with over 120 billing partners, Q-Zap reduces the typical implementation period from four weeks to just four days. The system supports all major payment methods, including UPI, credit, and debit cards across Visa and Mastercard networks. By removing the dependency on stationary cash registers, store staff can focus more on customer service and assisting with checkouts.

Razorpay POS, through Q-Zap, continues to enhance in-store payment experiences, offering multiple touchpoints for customers and continually innovating payment solutions. As the retail landscape evolves, Razorpay is committed to providing advanced solutions that meet the changing needs of businesses and consumers.

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