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Razorpay Launches UPI Switch with Airtel, Transforming Digital Payments in India

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In a monumental development poised to revolutionize India’s digital payment landscape, Razorpay, a leading payment gateway provider, has introduced its own UPI infrastructure named UPI Switch. This cutting-edge cloud-based innovation, developed in collaboration with Airtel Payments Bank, promises to elevate success rates by 4-5% and can seamlessly handle up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) at any given time. Notably, UPI Switch also offers enterprises 5X quicker access to UPI technologies.

The emergence of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) as India’s preferred payment mechanism, constituting 70% of digital transactions, underscores the significance of this development. January 2024 witnessed UPI transactions soaring to a record high of Rs 18.41 trillion, signaling its burgeoning growth trajectory. With the advent of alternative payment methods like credit cards, wallets, and credit lines, UPI is forecasted to surpass 2 billion transactions per day by 2030. This proliferation underscores UPI’s evolution into a versatile payment network accommodating various modes, including savings and current accounts, credit cards, prepaid wallets, and credit lines, hinting at a substantial uptick in UPI transaction volumes in the foreseeable future.

The efficacy of UPI transactions heavily hinges on the UPI infrastructure deployed by banks. Serving as the backbone, this infrastructure, termed as UPI switch, facilitates seamless communication between core banking systems and UPI technology during transactions. However, the existing infrastructure falls short in meeting the nuanced demands of enterprises and scaling to enhance performance. This shortfall translates into scalability issues, technical glitches, and downtimes, impacting overall customer experience. Additionally, legacy Technology Service Providers (TSPs) grapple with compliance issues, constraining their innovation potential and ability to cater to modern organizational needs.

In response to these challenges, Razorpay’s UPI Switch emerges as a game-changer, offering a holistic infrastructure solution that addresses the aforementioned pain points while enhancing the business experience through its array of features. Noteworthy features include expedited dispute resolution, resolving disputes 7X faster within 24 hours compared to the industry standard of 7 days, and instantaneous processing of refunds, ensuring a seamless consumer experience. Positioned as the bedrock for future UPI advancements, Razorpay UPI Switch not only supports ongoing Razorpay UPI innovations like Turbo UPI and TPAP but also sets the stage for forthcoming breakthroughs in the UPI ecosystem.