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T-Hub’s T-Recruit 2024 Shatters Records in Startup Talent Acquisition


T-Hub announced the unprecedented success of T-Recruit 2024, a dynamic recruitment drive that united startups and elite tech talent. This initiative served as a crucial platform for job seekers to find top opportunities and for recruiters to access premier talent, enhancing the startup ecosystem in Hyderabad and beyond.

Addressing the critical need for talent acquisition in India’s booming startup scene, T-Recruit 2024 saw active participation from both startups and corporates, resulting in numerous successful matches and job placements that promise to fuel innovation and growth in the startup community.

T-Hub’s dedication to excellence was evident in the achievements of T-Recruit 2024. With 92 registered companies and 769 recruiters, including notable names like Tao Digital USA, Monitra Healthcare Private Limited, Ariqt International, and DataBeat Consulting Pvt Ltd, the event attracted a record-breaking number of participants, solidifying its status as the premier startup talent acquisition event. Over 6,000 job seekers pursued opportunities presented by leading startups across various sectors, highlighting the vast talent pool in the Indian tech landscape.

T-Recruit 2024 facilitated over 180 successful matches between startups and candidates, with 85 offers extended to promising talents. This marked a significant leap forward in driving innovation and growth within the startup community. The event’s inclusivity was underscored by its diverse pool of recruiters and candidates, spanning sectors such as AI/ML, DeepTech, HRTech, Defense, HealthTech, PharmaTech, Sustainability, SaaS, and IoT.

Mahankali Srinivas Rao, CEO, T-Hub, said, “T-Recruit serves as a catalyst for innovation, seamlessly connecting human potential with dynamic opportunities within the startup realm. This initiative underscores our dedication to nurturing collaboration and shaping the trajectory of India’s startup ecosystem. By facilitating meaningful connections between talented professionals and forward-thinking startups, T-Recruit fuels the creation of groundbreaking solutions, enriching the landscape of Indian startups. Its impact extends beyond Hyderabad, resonating across the national startup ecosystem, driving growth and innovation at scale.”

Over the past two drives, T-Recruit has attracted over 4,000 job seeker registrations and participation from approximately 150 startups, underscoring its growing influence and success. Launched under T-Hub’s 6M, 2P framework—where ‘M’ stands for Manpower, Money, Methodology, Market Access, Mentorship, and Motivation, and ‘P’ represents Partnership and Policy Advisors—T-Recruit exemplifies T-Hub’s unwavering commitment to empowering startups and nurturing the broader ecosystem.

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