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MG Motor India and HPCL Collaborate to Expand Nationwide EV Charging Network

MG Motor India and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at bolstering India’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This initiative will introduce 50kW/60kW DC fast chargers at key locations along highways and in cities nationwide.

The collaboration focuses on increasing the availability of EV chargers, facilitating easier long-distance and intercity travel for EV users. According to a joint statement, the public charging network will support all EVs compatible with the CCS 2 charging standard, including the MG ZS EV. These stations will be accessible to MG customers via the MyMG App and will be integrated into HPCL’s network discovery tool.

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Growth Officer at MG Motor India, underscored the necessity of a robust EV ecosystem for the successful adoption of electric mobility. “MG has been a pioneer in the EV sector, actively developing a comprehensive EV ecosystem. Alongside our partners, we are working to establish an extensive network of EV charging stations, as well as solutions for battery recycling and second-life applications to ensure the sustainability of electric vehicles. Our partnership with HPCL is a crucial step in expanding India’s EV charging infrastructure, thereby enhancing consumer confidence in EVs,” Gupta remarked.

Rajdip Ghosh, Chief General Manager of Highway Retailing at HPCL, emphasized the company’s dedication to a sustainable future. “HPCL operates a vast network of over 22,000 fuel stations and is committed to offering green fuel alternatives. We plan to install 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations by December 2024. Through our collaboration with MG Motor India, we aim to leverage MG’s vehicle user base to maximize the utilization of our charging stations across India,” Ghosh stated.

Customers using these charging stations will also enjoy loyalty rewards and exclusive promotions, further incentivizing the adoption of electric mobility.

This partnership marks a significant advancement towards establishing a comprehensive EV charging network across India, fostering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and supporting the nation’s shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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