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Monash College and Microsoft Forge Groundbreaking Partnership in Technology Education

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New Delhi: Monash College has unveiled an innovative collaboration with tech giant Microsoft, poised to revolutionize technology education and industry engagement across Australia.

In this pioneering venture, Microsoft’s AI learning resources, certifications, and expertise will be seamlessly integrated into Monash College’s Future Skills programs. This strategic alliance aims to equip students with cutting-edge knowledge aligned with industry needs, ensuring their readiness to tackle the dynamic challenges of the technology sector.

The partnership promises not only to enhance the quality of AI education but also to offer a comprehensive array of Microsoft certifications and badges. Monash College CEO Jo Mithen emphasized the significance of these credentials, underscoring their role in providing tangible qualifications recognized by employers, thus empowering individuals to advance in AI and technology careers.

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“Monash College is proud to partner with Microsoft in pioneering AI-driven solutions that redefine the educational landscape. Together, we’re not just shaping the future; we’re defining it,” said Mithen.

“At Monash College, we’re equipping our students with the skills Australia’s and Victoria’s economy needs, and part of that is exposing them to cutting-edge opportunities that prepare them for the demands of tomorrow’s workforce. Our collaboration with Microsoft exemplifies this dedication, as we leverage AI to enhance learning outcomes and empower our students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

A notable aspect of the collaboration, touted as a global first, involves all Future Skills students undertaking a dedicated Microsoft ‘Responsible AI’ learning pathway. This initiative underscores the commitment to instilling principles of fairness, equity, and accountability in AI development and application.

Experts from Microsoft will collaborate closely with Monash College’s academic team, tailoring AI concepts and applications to students’ educational context. This collaborative effort aims to bolster students’ confidence in engaging with AI technologies, thus directly benefiting prospective employers, particularly in the small and medium-sized business sector.

The partnership was officially launched with a keynote address by Sarah Carney, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand. The event featured a panel discussion with industry leaders, exploring the transformative impact of AI across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and energy.