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SEBI Introduces ‘Saarthi’ App to Simplify Personal Finance for Investors


Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has rolled out a new mobile application called ‘Saarthi’, aimed at educating investors on personal finance matters.

Designed to demystify intricate financial concepts, the app offers a user-friendly interface, as stated by the market regulator in an official announcement.

Among its key features, the app hosts a suite of financial calculators catering to various aspects such as KYC procedures, mutual funds, ETFs, stock trading, investor grievance resolution, and an online dispute resolution (ODR) platform. Furthermore, it offers a collection of instructional videos tailored to aid investors in their financial planning endeavors.

Describing the significance of the ‘Saarthi’ app, SEBI emphasized its role in equipping investors with reliable insights into the securities market, particularly beneficial for novices embarking on their financial journey.

The app is set to be available for download on both Google Play Store and the iOS app store.

SEBI’s initiative reflects its commitment to safeguarding investors and enhancing their comprehension of the complexities involved in investing. Notably, SEBI’s SCORES Complaints Redress System (SCORES) stands out as another measure aimed at facilitating investor protection. This online platform enables investors to lodge complaints against entities regulated by SEBI, encompassing listed companies, registered intermediaries, and market infrastructure institutions.

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