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Schneider Electric Invests Rs 200 Crore into Expansive Bengaluru Campus

In a significant move bolstering its presence in India, Schneider Electric has dedicated Rs 200 crore towards erecting one of its largest global campuses in Bengaluru. Spanning an impressive 630,000 square feet, the campus boasts a multifaceted infrastructure, encompassing a global innovation hub, training center, research and development (R&D) facility, skills center, and digital hub.

With a capacity to host over 8,000 professionals, this investment underscores Schneider Electric’s steadfast commitment to fostering growth in India’s burgeoning landscape.

Peter Herweck, the CEO of Schneider Electric, voiced his enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to inaugurate one of our largest employee campuses globally in India. This substantial investment reaffirms our dedication to propelling India’s rapid advancement, serving as a catalyst for innovative endeavors that not only cater to local clientele but also leave a resounding impact on a global scale.”

Deepak Sharma, Zone President – Greater India and CEO of Schneider Electric India, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the campus’s role in cultivating a hands-on learning environment focused on energy management and industrial automation. “Through this campus, we aspire to nurture a workforce equipped to spearhead the development of cutting-edge products and solutions, not just for India but for global markets,” Sharma remarked.

The inauguration of the campus, which transpired on Thursday, heralds an “immersive” experience meticulously integrating Schneider Electric’s diverse offerings. By embracing this innovative approach, Schneider Electric underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that drive sustainable practices and outcomes.

Central to the campus’s ethos is a state-of-the-art training center, offering interactive demonstrations, workshops, and expert-led sessions. Geared towards employees, partners, and customers, this facility aims to impart practical knowledge and expertise in the latest technologies and solutions.

Located within the Bagmane Tech Park in Bengaluru, the campus exemplifies Schneider Electric’s dedication to sustainability. Leveraging off-site green power, energy-efficient chiller systems, and a sewage treatment plant enabling 100% greywater reuse, the campus embodies a holistic commitment to environmental stewardship.

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