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IIT Madras Launches Online M.Tech Program in E-Mobility Catering to Working Professionals

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IIT Madras has unveiled a novel Web-Enabled M.Tech in E-Mobility (WEMEM) program, tailored specifically for professionals already in the workforce. Boasting an industry-focused curriculum, the initiative is a collaborative effort between academic and industry stalwarts.

Overseen by the Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE) in conjunction with the Department of Engineering Design, the program promises to uphold the esteemed academic standards associated with an IIT M.Tech degree while ensuring practical applicability. Notably, it offers the option of an intermediate exit with a Post Graduate Diploma in E-Mobility, aligning with the flexible educational ethos advocated by the New Education Policy.

Dean of Academic Courses, Prof. Prathap Haridoss, underscores the program’s academic rigor combined with real-world relevance. Meanwhile, Chair of CODE, Prof. Devendra Jalihal, expresses pride in diversifying their suite of specialized offerings for professionals. Associate Chair, Prof. Andrew Thangaraj, highlights the incorporation of industry experts as instructors, ensuring a holistic learning experience blending theory with practical insights.

The program spans seven academic terms, with selection criteria emphasizing proficiency in fundamental Mathematics and Physics assessed through a dedicated test. To accommodate the demanding schedules of professionals, live classes are predominantly scheduled on Saturdays, as noted by Prof. Karthick Athmanathan, Professor of Practice and Advisor to WEMEM.

Prof. C. S. Shankar Ram, Head of the Department of Engineering Design, elaborates on the program’s infrastructure, emphasizing the department’s pivotal role in E-Mobility at IIT Madras. With a dedicated team comprising full-time faculty, Professors of Practice, Adjunct Faculty, and Guest Faculty, alongside specialized labs, the program ensures a comprehensive learning experience bridging theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical skills in E-Mobility.