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IIT Madras Ventures Globally with Launch of Research Foundation

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is starting a foundation called the IIT Madras Research Foundation to become more known worldwide. This foundation will help new businesses from the institute get into global markets, find funding, and get research support. Thirumalai Madhavnarayan, who knows a lot about running businesses and technology, will be the first CEO.

The main aim of the foundation is to make IIT Madras better known globally, encourage new ideas and businesses, and work closely with companies and researchers. This matches India’s goal of doing well in startups, according to Prof V Kamakoti, who leads IIT Madras.

The foundation will focus on things like getting patents for new ideas, helping startups from IIT Madras, and looking at ideas for sustainable growth. It will also help these startups get known around the world.

Prof Mahesh Panchagnula thinks this foundation will change not just the institute but the whole country. With Mr. Madhav Narayan’s long experience in running businesses globally, the foundation will make a big difference.

Prof Raghunathan Rengaswamy believes this is an important step in making the institute more international. Mr. Narayan plans to bring new ideas, work with companies, and team up with researchers through the foundation.

His past successes in helping governments with digital plans and making important partnerships in the technology world show he’s good at leading and well-respected. This new effort shows IIT Madras is serious about supporting new ideas and businesses worldwide, and the foundation will make a big impact on this.