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BlinkX Collaborates with Google Cloud for ClientTech Innovation

BlinkX Collaborates with Google Cloud

Mumbai: Google Cloud and BlinkX, announced collaboration signaling the onset of the ‘ClienTech’ era. This pioneering approach prioritizes the client within financial innovation, offering unparalleled levels of customization and insight into customer behavior.

This partnership combines Google Cloud’s expertise in data analytics and cloud operations with BlinkX’s innovative approach to financial services and their in-house technological capabilities. The goal is to revolutionize the fintech industry by harnessing advanced algorithms, integrating LLMs (Large Language Models), and utilizing personalized data analytics to tailor financial services directly to the distinct requirements and preferences of Indian customers, who often display intricate consumption patterns.

Gagan Singla, Managing Director at BlinkX, highlights the significance of the initiative: “By leveraging the power of Google’s cutting-edge technology, we aim to dismantle traditional financial barriers and create a more inclusive, personalized, and empowering financial ecosystem for our clients. This falls in line with our aspiration of being the country’s first no-glitch trading app with 24/7 availability and an adaptive platform for all types of investments. At the heart of our ClienTech philosophy lies our key areas of innovation which we termed as S.P.A.R – Servicing, Pricing, Algorithms and Research. We have heavily invested time and resources across all these areas to get the best for our customers and with Google Cloud’s partnership at all possible junctures, we are piqued to further elevate our rigor.”

“Empowering our customers and being relevant to their needs are the only two inspirations that drive us. To have such an enabling ecosystem, at the epicenter, we have positioned a Named Entity Recognition (NER) model – leveraging the latest progressions in Natural Language Processing and a Hyper-Personalized Nudge Engine, creating a complex array of nudges to help customers strategize their next move based on their transactional behaviour. We will be looking for avenues of innovation with Google Cloud to make these technologies as robust as possible” added Singla.

Google spokesperson Bikram Singh Bedi, VP & Country Manager, Google Cloud India stated “Our collaboration with BlinkX is more than a testament to technological innovation; it’s a commitment to understanding and serving the individual needs of every customer. Through this partnership, we are not only helping BlinkX set a new standard in fintech but also assisting them pioneer a new approach to customer engagement. This partnership is expected to have far-reaching implications for the financial industry, setting a new standard for how financial services are delivered and experienced. By prioritizing client-centric innovation and leveraging the latest advancements in technology, BlinkX is not just predicting the future of fintech; they are creating it.”