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B2B Events: Driving Sustainability or Falling Short? Leaders Speak Out!

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Trends in the marketing industry evolve rapidly, particularly in B2B media events. The formats of these events have transitioned swiftly from virtual to hybrid and back to physical setups, sparking varied opinions. According to the Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers rated events as the most effective marketing channel in 2022. Remarkably, 86% of B2B companies report experiencing a positive return on investment seven months after participating in an event.alekhya

“Businesses and brands in B2B ( or otherwise ) get built on one thing above all- trust. And trust is built the strongest through face to face conversations, and even better, if done consistently. Towards that end, events form a crucial lever in B2B marketing plans. This space is evolving fast, with newer innovations and concepts in events’ planning and execution. Events marketing remains one of the key pillars in the playbooks of B2B marketers to build salience sustainably”, shared Alekhya Chakrabarty – Vice President, Marketing and Growth – Unstop his experience about meeting to the fellow marketeers in the in-person setup and expressed how, it has helped strong connections within the industry.

While Vandana Hirani – Channel Marketing Lead (Consumer), SanDisk Retail, South Asia – Western Digital has difference in opinion along the same line, as she mentioned that “ One of the key points here that strikes me is the fact that events should be run virtually. This reduces the usage of transportation and thereby the emissions from the vehicles. But given that our event is a physical meet, this point may not go so well with the audience.”vandana

However, be the choices, B2B events are a great channel of building connections and learning from your peers in the industry. Although, it’s important to choose your the right platform and get associated with the right set of people for attending such events.

Are B2B events – Sustainable?

Marketers, the driving force behind business growth, are increasingly focusing on “Sustainability.” But what does this buzzword really mean? Nowadays, people are prioritizing reducing carbon footprints, even extending to event planning where printed materials are replaced with digital formats, and eco-friendly alternatives are chosen for gifts and packaging. Event suppliers, sponsors, and venue providers are all expected to not only raise environmental awareness but also take tangible actions. Marketers anticipate that event providers will demonstrate strong sustainability practices, incorporating eco-friendly measures and utilizing technology to minimize waste and encourage digital engagement.

Sanjay ChaudharyTalking along the same lines, Sanjay Chaudhary, Vice President Marketing, Lentra said, “Ensuring the sustainability of B2B events is paramount in today’s highly involved selling process. Trust, built on expertise, reliability, and genuine connections, forms the bedrock of successful transactions. By conceptualizing events rooted in deep insights into prospects’ challenges or aspirations, we not only present new perspectives but also foster trust. Events serve as powerful platforms to forge connections, showcase solutions, and demonstrate reliability through customer stories. Through sustainable practices, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to value-driven experiences, B2B events continue to be indispensable in cultivating trust and driving meaningful connections in the business landscape.”