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Anatomy of a High-Impact B2B Marketing Campaign: ObserveNow In Conversation with Tinu Thomas

New Delhi: In the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing, professionals navigate the intricate pathways of the consumer journey, leveraging strategies like content marketing and field marketing to engage their target audiences. Field marketing, with its cornerstone focus on event marketing, stands out as a pivotal tool in fostering meaningful connections and driving brand visibility.

Within this realm, successful campaigns serve as beacons of innovation, utilizing tailored approaches such as account-based marketing to captivate and convert prospects. These multifaceted tactics underscore the ever-evolving nature of B2B marketing, where adaptability and creativity reign supreme in achieving organizational objectives. In this regard Priyanka Chakraborty, ObserveNow interacted with Tinu Thomas, Performance and Growth Marketing Lead – India/South Asia.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

As a B2B marketer today, what are your primary areas of focus – is it your consumer journey, content marketing or field marketing practices?

As a B2B marketer today, my primary areas of focus are a combination of the consumer journey, content marketing, and field marketing practices. I believe it’s crucial to understand the customer’s journey and tailor marketing efforts accordingly. Content marketing plays a significant role in delivering valuable and relevant information to engage and educate prospects. Additionally, field marketing activities, such as events and trade shows, provide opportunities to connect with potential customers face-to-face and build relationships.

In a tech world today- redefine the purpose of Field marketing specifically event marketing for us? How are you leveraging it to its true potential?

In today’s tech world, the purpose of field marketing, specifically event marketing, has evolved. While it still serves the purpose of creating brand awareness and generating leads, it now goes beyond just that. Field marketing helps create immersive experiences, foster networking opportunities, and showcase products or solutions in a dynamic environment. By leveraging technology, such as virtual and hybrid events, we can reach a wider audience and enhance engagement, maximizing the true potential of event marketing.

How do you define a successful marketing campaign? How does it contribute to lead generation and customer acquisition now?

A successful marketing campaign is defined by its ability to achieve measurable results and contribute to lead generation and customer acquisition. It involves setting clear objectives, developing a compelling message, targeting the right audience, and using appropriate channels and tactics. It’s important to continuously measure and analyze campaign performance to ensure effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. Ultimately, a successful marketing campaign should generate qualified leads and convert them into customers.

B2B Marketers always looking for Innovative approaches for account based marketing, what do you think could be good new initiatives or activities to engage new Customers apart from existing activities?

B2B marketers are constantly seeking innovative approaches for account-based marketing (ABM) to engage new customers. Apart from existing activities, some good new initiatives could include personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns, account-based advertising using platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, interactive content and tools tailored to individual prospects, and leveraging AI and predictive analytics for better segmentation and personalization.

How deep are B2B Marketers in India into Gen AI? Can you share a snippet from your journey and a general observation prediction in your opinion on the same?

B2B marketers in India are gradually embracing Gen AI, albeit at different stages of implementation. In my journey, I have observed a growing interest in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance marketing efforts. Gen AI enables marketers to leverage automation, data analysis, and personalization at scale. It helps in understanding customer behavior, predicting their preferences, and creating tailored experiences. Looking ahead, I predict that B2B marketers in India will increasingly embrace AI-driven marketing technologies to gain a competitive edge and deliver more personalized and relevant experiences to their target audience.

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