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Trailblazing Women Transforming EdTech – Meet the Top 5 Disruptors

India has the third-largest startup landscape and the growing number of startups will make it rank even higher in the years to come. The world is embracing transformation, striving to create a more inclusive environment for everyone. One notable shift is the increasing presence of women not only in leadership positions but also as owners of businesses. The nation has nearly 14% of women entrepreneurs which is equivalent to 8.05 million, according to Mass Challenge and BCG. 

Having a glance at the previous year, more than 980 startups raised venture capital worth more than $11 billion in 2023, according to startup data intelligence platform TheKredible. However, 13% of the overall funding came from women-led startups with women-led startups securing $1.1 billion.  

According to a report by BCG, businesses led by women are more likely to show higher revenues and more ROIs ( Return on investment). Despite the societal challenges and stigmas attached to women in leadership roles, they are performing above and beyond. The number of women leaders and entrepreneurs are rising day by day and will continue to make an undeniable mark in the startup landscape. To support the analysis, a recent survey by Women in India’s Startup Ecosystem Report or WISER shared that women-led startups have risen to 18 % in India from 2017 to 2021. 

This article will feature some of the brightest brains who have led the brands in the education technology domain with their vision, and determination and have stirred the revolution of change in the edtech space. 

Tanushree Nagori, Co-Founder, Doubtnut

Tanushree Nagori, a graduate of IIT Delhi is now Co-Founder of the #1 trending education app – Doubtnut. The platform utilizes image recognition technologies to offer solutions and explanations for mathematical and scientific queries ranging from high school to college level. To obtain an answer, users simply upload an image depicting the question. In 2022, the company successfully raised 224 crore in Series B funding, with SIG and Lupa Systems taking the lead in investment. Previous investors such as Sequoia Capital India, Omidyar Network India, and Waterbridge Ventures also joined in this funding round.

Aditi Avasthi, Founder, Embibe

Aditi Avasthi earned recognition as one of BBC’s top 100 women in 2017. With a mission to revolutionize education on a large scale, Embibe is dedicated to providing students with learning opportunities and life skills while empowering teachers to excel. Their approach combines extensive educational knowledge, exceptional content, innovative design, AI, and engineering. Additionally, they hold multiple patents and have garnered international acclaim for their groundbreaking efforts in improving learning outcomes and creating exceptional content. Having secured over $200 million in funding, the company continues to make strides in the field of education.

Savita S, Co-Founder & CEO, konnectNXT

With over a decade of experience in business management, sales, and distribution, Savita S co-founded KonnectNXT, an AI-powered SaaS platform transforming talent database optimization. KonnectNXT streamlines resume updates, automates assessments, and cuts resume costs by 50% while boosting productivity by 200%. KonnectNXT is an AI-powered B2B-focused SaaS profile builder that builds a 360-degree profile page quickly and authentically. It verifies important data points like skills, past employment, projects, and recency of the profile within 30 seconds by gathering information from various sources.

Sultana Khan, Founder, UntechEd

Sultana khan is a business proficient with 14+ years of experience in Marketing and Sales in Education Industry. Now, Founder and CEO of Unteched Private limited is driven by a goal of creating a value that matters to the universities, students, and collaborative partners.  UntechEd is a professional marketing service company that caters to fullfill the unique requirements of educational institutions both domestic and international. They ensure that their strategies are futuristic and aid in growth of the institutions in long run. 

Poorva Srivastava, Founder & CEO , iLearnings Career & Consulting

Passionate about empowering learners and educators with innovative solutions, Poorva Shrivastava is a founder and CEO at iLearnings Career & Consulting. The company  provides innovative and personalized solutions for learners and educators.  It is one stop solution for all your career needs from online courses to abroad education consultancy and a lot more.

Disclaimer: The organizations/ individuals listed above are not presented in ascending order. Their placement within the list does not imply any hierarchy, ranking, or preference.