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Ajitabh Sharma, IAS takes charge of Industry, MSME, and Bureau of Industrial Promotion, Government of Rajasthan

New Delhi: In a significant administrative shuffle involving 40 IAS officers, Ajitabh Sharma, a bureaucrat with 27 years of experience, is set to spearhead the Industry, MSME, and Bureau of Industrial Promotion for the Government of Rajasthan. This move comes on the heels of a series of transfers within the Rajasthan Administration, bringing Sharma from his current role as Chairman & Managing Director of Jaipur City Transport Services Limited (JCTSL) to this pivotal position.

With a wealth of experience in diverse leadership roles, Ajitabh Sharma emphasizes the crucial role of public utility services in achieving sustainability goals. His extensive track record includes overseeing entities such as the state irrigation board, renewable energy corporation, metro rail corporation, and more, all dealing with essential public services and facing challenges related to governance, finance, and service-provision pricing.

Sharma’s appointment reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and strategic management within the industrial and MSME sectors of Rajasthan.

This news has been sourced from a press release issued by Department of Personnel, Government of Rajasthan.

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