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Can we understand the full meaning of life and death?

Life and death are not divided; they are one. Similarly can the mind be completely nothing, with no residue of the past? Whether this is possible or not is something we can inquire diligently and vigorously. But if the mind merely clings to what it calls living, which is suffering and tries to avoid the other, then it knows neither life nor death. So the challenge is to free the mind from the known, from all the things it has gathered, acquired and experienced.

Fiinovation supports the education of underprivileged children through their CSR initiative - PRAGYAM

Education plays a major role in an individual’s life, it not only sets the foundation of one’s future but also enables and empowers one to make the present better. And this stands especially true for individuals who belong from the underprivileged section of the society.

Mpower launches ‘Minds Matter’ – A progressive Mental Health Curriculum for Schools

Mpower, a pioneer in Indian Mental Healthcare, will be rolling out a progressive mental health literacy curriculum for schools, ‘Minds Matter’, which views success in terms of behavioral changes and a gradual, demonstrated understanding of mental health and wellness among students. ‘Minds Matter’ is a comprehensive, research-based and distinctive curriculum to be adapted during the school hours and interwoven in the timetable for grades 1 to 12. ‘Minds Matter’ will thrive to build mental health

How to kill Coronavirus: An ObserveNow guide

In these Pandemic times, the constant fear of somehow contracting the virus is always etched at the back of our minds. Today ObserveNow brings to you 5 ways we know so far to kill Coronavirus.

Transforming School education during COVID-19

As we all know COVID-19 became pandemic from an epidemic situation, affecting 209+ countries. The education sector is one of the major sectors got affected, thus affecting millions of aspiring young generations. India has the second-largest population of school-going students over 260 million students.