DECEMBER 9, 2022

UGC introduces Annual Capacity Building Plan (ACBP) to Empower Employees


New Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) officially launched its Annual Capacity Building Plan (ACBP). Developed following an extensive Capacity Need Assessment involving UGC personnel over six months starting from March 2023, the plan seeks to strengthen the skills of individual officials and enhance the overall capabilities of the organization.

Prof. Mamidala Jagdesh Kumar, UGC Chairman, inaugurated the ACBP in the presence of Dr. R Balasubramanium, Member HR, Capacity Building Commission.

The ACBP employee training program will prioritize four key areas: behavioral competencies, functional competencies, domain competencies, and technology competencies. These areas extend beyond routine responsibilities, focusing on improved performance in administration and financial management, enhanced specialized skills in policy-making, project management, and proficiency in utilizing technology for efficient processes and stakeholder engagement.

In a LinkedIn post Prof. Kumar stated “ Today, for the first time, UGC launches its Annual Capacity Building Plan to take a leap towards growth and skill enhancement of its employees. UGC is the 1st autonomous organization to have initiated planning for the capacity building of their employees in collaboration with the Capacity Building Commission. The Annual Capacity Building Plan (ACBP) is a comprehensive plan outlining interventions essential for enhancing individual officials' competencies and the overall capacity of UGC and this plan is derived from a robust Capacity Need Assessment exercise that was done with UGC officials and staff over a period of 6 months starting from March 2023.”

Building on previous initiatives, over 600 UGC staff members joined the iGot Karmayogi platform by September 15, 2023. Between October and December 2023, 630 employees completed over 4500 courses, averaging 7 courses per employee.

In 2023, UGC conducted various in-person training programs covering a range of topics, including Reservation in Services, Emerging Technologies using AI, Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) in Higher Education, PFMS Awareness, Contract Management, RTI, and more.

The UGC is steadfast in its commitment to sustaining these efforts, aligning with the government's Mission Karmayogi initiative aimed at enhancing the skills of government employees.