DECEMBER 9, 2022

The Term Hybrid now has Different Meanings for all Organisations: Expert discuss at OLX People Conference


Human Resources as a function has completely transformed in a post-Covid world. With WFH (Work From Home), Remote hiring, Hybrid workplace being the new realities of 21st century HR. Owing to this phenomenal shift HR Leaders are now responsible for bringing innovative technology, developing and executing human resource strategies. In support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization, specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational behavior. Enabled by the right technologies, HRMS, LMS's HR as a function will be fully equipped to handle the shift. 


The need of the hour is for HR Leaders to sit across with their teams, and peers to craft strategies for the same. Keeping in line with this vision OLX People ( ) , India's end-to-end tech-based staffing solution organized a  Leaders Virtual Summit on 12th August where India’s leading Human Resource specialists participated to share their views on how workplaces can be transformed. The session will be attended by 200+ HR Professionals across India. 


Topic: Importance of HR Analytics& New Technologies to improve Organisation growth and employee productivity!!

Date- 12th August 



Moderator- Taniya Tikoo, Editor-in-Chief, ObserveNow 

Colin Mendes, Head Hr, Voltas Beko

Renu Bohra, CHRO, DB Schenker 

Mansij Majumder, Head HR, Unext Learning 

Sagar Vadapurkar, Head HR, Dhani Group 

Nilabh Kapoor, Head of Business, OLX People



Here are a couple of highlights from the session.


  • Nilabh Kapoor, Business Head, Olx People –“The entire virtual aspect has brought fatigue. There is a missing link of a human to human contact. Boarding is an important ritual. Before moving ahead with the hiring we were more keen to understand their mindset. Whatsapp chatbot notifications have proved to be an amazing tool when it comes to hiring. Thumb rule for security and threat prevention is SOP, building clear protection and guidelines.”


  • Mansij Majumder, Head HR UNex,t Learning-  Hybrid is different for everybody. New team members are not able to dwell well with the team. AI is of great help during the initial selection phase as physical selection takes time. Both in the pre and post recruitment process AI plays a big role. With tech there is risk, every technology has a risk. We have to remember today that in this hybrid work that we have invited people to look inside our homes. We cannot fear and stop but have to ensure better service provider services.



  • Dinesh Bojwani- desktop to laptop to tabs. We've developed a tool internally to stay connected. There is an imbalance in productivity. Our number of surveys have changed, we're also focussing on what the employees want now. It is important to analyze how we deal with the workforce which is getting added now as they're not used to going to the workplace. Screening has been taken up by AI but assessment is important. I want to extend AI to the first 90 days to employees of the company as during this time employees need to be handled well. Make people aware, make machines approved as the dark world is emerging too.



  • Sagar Vadapurkar, Head Human Resources, Dhani Group- Pandemic has changed things overnight. The new workforce has not seen one to one induction but the zoom induction. We are trying to upgrade HR setup. There could be a tool that can access employees' social media activity to what he/she likes or what subjects they are leaning towards to understand their mindset. AI is much more than screening. The demand of info security professionals has gone gold post pandemic as it is difficult to ensure the security. It is also on the self that nobody should use personal meetings or conferences in a malicious way as the dark world is as active as the white world.



  • Renu Bohra, CHRO, DB Schenker- the working model has changed but the tools have not. Yes, we need to have integration. Virtual on boarding and a lot of IT specific training, all of this has been done with the mindset of physical on boarding. AI along with algorithms can be used in a lot many ways. AI can be specifically used to test retention of the employees. Global computing and security has been acknowledged and needs the steps to strengthen the same.



  • Colin Mendes, Head HR, VoltasBeko- It is very important to see what the organization needs. From a digital standpoint, every aspect has become touch free. Every organization is looking at productivity, it's not about hours and work. All organizations are moving ahead with perspective to enhance the digital savviness of the people and productivity. AI can give a significant boost to data, to examine the medical records of the employees and to read the employees medical leaves, producing medical funds data. Using history of performance data and correlating it with the performing rate. Awaring employees about data leaks and security threats is very important and prevents hardware and software failures. It is important to measure the security threat that your organization may face.