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NCVET Recognizes Microsoft India as Awarding Body, Boosting Vocational Education and Training


In a major boost to vocational education and training in India, the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) has entered into a landmark agreement with Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. on July 5, 2024. This agreement formally recognizes Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. as an Awarding Body (AB – Standard).

This recognition empowers Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. to award and certify learners who undergo training at the company’s owned or fully managed campuses and training centers. The certifications will cover qualifications either approved or adopted by Microsoft, ensuring a high standard of vocational training and certification.

This collaboration represents a significant advancement in enhancing vocational education in India, with Microsoft leveraging its expertise and resources to deliver top-tier training and certification to learners. The partnership is expected to benefit numerous students by equipping them with industry-relevant skills and recognized qualifications, thereby enhancing their employability and career prospects.

NCVET’s recognition underscores the vital role of private sector involvement in vocational training and highlights Microsoft’s commitment to enriching the educational ecosystem in India. This initiative aligns with broader goals to elevate the quality of vocational education and training, ultimately fostering a skilled workforce tailored to the needs of the modern economy.

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