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Government Issues Guidelines for Funding Testing Facilities and Infrastructure under National Green Hydrogen Mission

National Green Hydrogen Mission

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) has released comprehensive Scheme Guidelines aimed at financing testing facilities, infrastructure, and institutional support under the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

Launched on July 4, 2024, these guidelines are designed to address gaps in existing testing capabilities for components, technologies, and processes across the Green Hydrogen value chain. The initiative includes provisions for establishing new facilities and upgrading current ones to ensure operational safety and reliability.

With a total budget of Rs. 200 crores allocated until the fiscal year 2025-26, the scheme aims to bolster the development of robust quality and performance testing facilities crucial for the production and trade of Green Hydrogen (GH2). The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) will oversee the implementation of the scheme, focusing on fostering sustainable and secure GH2 practices.

The National Green Hydrogen Mission, launched on January 4, 2023, with an overall budget of Rs. 19,744 crores up to FY 2029-30, seeks to bolster India’s self-reliance in clean energy. By facilitating significant decarbonization and reducing reliance on fossil fuel imports, the mission positions India as a leader in Green Hydrogen technology and market advancements, contributing to global efforts towards a cleaner energy future.

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