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NHAI Establishes Specialized Unit for Reviewing National Highway Project Reports


To ensure top-notch construction standards, cost efficiency, and timely completion of National Highway projects, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has launched a Dedicated Project Report (DPR) cell at its headquarters in New Delhi. This new cell is tasked with providing expert inputs and comprehensive monitoring of DPRs for National Highway projects, aiming to standardize the review process and ensure the preparation and scrutiny of high-quality reports before project implementation.

A DPR is crucial for the successful execution of National Highway projects, encompassing various surveys, investigations, and designs. The DPR cell will finalize parameters for all highway components, including structures, in accordance with IRC specifications and standards.

Staffed by around 40 professionals, the DPR cell includes Principal DPR Experts and specialists in road safety, traffic, land acquisition, bridges, tunnels, geotechnics, senior highway management, and forestry. These experts will develop monitoring systems to ensure uniformity in the review process throughout the DPR lifecycle. They will also examine bid documents and technical schedules, provide cost estimates based on design features, assist in preconstruction planning, and integrate projects with the Highway Information Model Software (HIMS). Additionally, cell officials will conduct site visits to evaluate consultant proposals and recommend innovative practices to enhance report quality.

The establishment of the DPR cell is expected to produce accurate, high-quality reports, facilitating the development of world-class National Highways and contributing to the nation’s growth.

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