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How Goa Electronics Limited is Shaping the Future of IT Solutions, CEO & ED Revati Kumar shares Insights with ObserveNow

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As technology rapidly evolves, companies must stay innovative and adaptable to emerging trends to remain competitive. Goa Electronics Limited (GEL) exemplifies this adaptability by focusing on three critical IT areas: Business Consultation, Software Solution Provision, and Hardware Supply and Maintenance. By understanding customer needs, building robust solutions, and offering long-term support, GEL’s comprehensive “Plan, Build, Manage” approach ensures cohesive solutions that drive business success.

In this regard Shivani Babbar, ObserveNow interacted with Revati Kumar, CEO & Executive Director, Goa Electronics Limited to gain further insights on the matter.

Here are a few edited excerpts from the interview: Can you share some insights into the current projects or initiatives Goa Electronics Limited is undertaking?

Goa Electronics Limited (GEL) handles various enrollments:

1. ONE MAP Goa GIS: A GIS-based decision support system for government use in Goa with a mobile app and web portal, real-time data integration, and citizen features for navigation, surveys, and feedback.

2. Scheme Management Framework (SMF): A platform for managing government schemes, offering direct cash transfers, centralized reporting, and process efficiency for applications and fund distribution.

3. Goa Online Services: A single-window system for e-government services, rated highly by users, providing 237 services across 40 departments with advanced features like Aadhaar eSign and real-time tracking.

4. Bhumija: IT solutions for regulating mining activities in collaboration with the Department of Mines and Geology, including online permits, stock management, and vehicle tracking.

These projects reflect GEL’s dedication to using technology to improve governance, service delivery, and transparency.

In what ways do you see technology evolving in the near future, and how is your company adapting to these changes?

At Goa Electronics Limited (GEL), we are dedicated to enhancing our services through advanced technologies. As web development evolves, we’re integrating new technologies into our Automated Service Processing System (ASPS) to improve citizen services. Our focus is on delivering a better User Experience (UX) with dynamic, responsive interfaces and ensuring our services are agile and scalable for a growing user base. We streamline development with a component-based approach, enabling faster feature deployment.

We are committed to innovation and excellence, investing in research and development, upskilling our team, and forming strategic partnerships. Embracing new technologies, such as AI and Chatbots, allows us to improve our offerings and focus on sustainability with eco-friendly solutions. Continuous learning is key to staying ahead in technological advancements.

At GEL, we’re excited about the future of technology and are ready to adapt and innovate to meet upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Goa Electronics Limited operates in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. How do you ensure that the company stays innovative and adaptable to emerging technologies?

Goa Electronics Limited thrives in a rapidly changing technological environment by employing a comprehensive strategy. This includes continuous employee training through workshops, online courses, and certifications, as well as inviting industry experts for guest lectures and fostering internal knowledge sharing. The company stays current with market trends by conducting regular market research and participating in industry conferences and expos. By achieving and maintaining CMMI Level 4 certification, they ensure high process maturity, regular process optimization, and strict quality assurance. Additionally, fostering a culture of innovation through cross-functional teams helps the company remain agile and innovative in the face of emerging technologies.

What are the biggest challenges facing Goa Electronics Limited, and how do you plan to address them?

Goa Electronics Limited (GEL) faces several significant challenges in the dynamic and rapidly evolving technology landscape. Addressing these challenges is critical to maintaining our competitive edge and ensuring sustainable growth. The following are the main obstacles and our calculated plans to overcome them:

1. Technological Advancements and Innovation

Challenge: To remain relevant in the face of swift technical advancements, one must constantly innovate.

Plan: We plan to invest heavily in R&D to foster innovation. This includes forming strategic partnerships with leading technology firms, academic institutions, and startups to collaborate on cutting-edge projects. We will also encourage a culture of continuous learning and creativity within our organization through regular training and innovation workshops.

2. Cybersecurity Threats

Challenge: The increasing complexity and frequency of cybersecurity threats pose significant risks to our operations and customer data.

Plan: Strengthening our cybersecurity infrastructure is paramount. We will implement advanced security measures, conduct regular vulnerability assessments, and invest in state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies. Additionally, we will ensure our staff is well-trained in cybersecurity protocols and best practices through ongoing education and awareness programs.

3. Customer Expectations

Challenge: Rising customer expectations for seamless and innovative technology solutions.

Plan: We will prioritize customer satisfaction by continuously enhancing our product offerings and customer support services. Regular feedback loops with our clients will help us understand their needs better and tailor our solutions accordingly. Implementing customer-centric strategies and leveraging data analytics will also play a crucial role in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Could you share some examples of successful collaborations or partnerships Goa Electronics Limited has engaged in to enhance its products or services?

GEL will undertake a multi-faceted approach aligned with our strategic initiatives and ongoing projects:

1. Leveraging Ongoing Collaborations:

DAC Project: Use this collaboration as a model to showcase successful public-private partnerships through webinars and case studies, attracting more stakeholders.
Goa Taxi App Project: Collaborate with government agencies and local businesses to demonstrate the app’s impact on transportation, encouraging broader adoption.
Website Development and Designing Agencies (WDDA): Select and empanel agencies for website-related activities for state government departments, ensuring efficient management and maintenance.

2. Strategic Engagement with Government Agencies:

PM Gati Shakti (GIS): Engage with government officials through regular dialogue, participate in policy panels, and align our projects with national infrastructure initiatives.

Lastly, what excites you the most about leading Goa Electronics Limited into the future, and what do you hope to achieve during your tenure as MD?

I am incredibly excited about leading Goa Electronics Limited (GEL) into the future because of the tremendous potential we have to make a positive impact. GEL stands at the intersection of technology and public service, offering us a unique opportunity to transform lives through innovation. What excites me the most is the chance to harness cutting-edge technology to create solutions that directly benefit the people of Goa.

One of my primary goals is to ensure that our digital services are accessible to everyone, including those in the most remote areas.I want to make technology a part of daily existence, improving the effectiveness, transparency, and usability of public services.This means developing platforms that are both advanced and simple, ensuring that everyone, no matter their level of technical skill, can use them easily.

Another key objective is to foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation within our organization. I believe that by empowering our talented team with the right tools and training, we can drive significant advancements and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Sustainability is also a crucial focus for me, heading GEL towards greener practices, leveraging technology to reduce our environmental footprint and promote eco-friendly solutions.

Lastly, vision for GEL is to be a beacon of technological excellence that not only drives progress in Goa but also serves as a model for other regions. By focusing on accessibility, innovation, and sustainability, We are confident that we can achieve remarkable growth and make a lasting positive impact on our community.

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