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Bajaj Finserv Direct Expands Global Presence with UAE Technology Services Hub

Bajaj Finserv Direct Ltd has officially launched its Technology Services business hub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The unveiling event at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) signifies the company’s strategic entry into the Middle Eastern market.

As a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv Ltd., Bajaj Finserv Direct is well-known for its digital marketplace in India. The establishment of its Technology Services division, Bajaj Technology Services, in the UAE highlights the firm’s dedication to advancing digital transformation on a global level.

Sanjiv Bajaj, Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Finserv Ltd., commented, “A digital revolution is underway globally, with AI and emerging technologies reshaping industries and lives. Bajaj Finserv, with its history of tech-driven ventures, is positioned to lead in digital transformation within financial services. The UAE, with its progressive digital agenda, is the ideal location for our international expansion. Through Bajaj Technology Services, we aim to empower businesses in the digital age.”

At the launch, Ashish Panchal, CEO of Bajaj Finserv Direct, stated, “Our entry into the GCC’s leading digital and financial hub marks an exciting milestone for Bajaj Finserv Direct. Embracing the ‘Make in India’ ethos and backed by innovation, Bajaj Technology Services is set to significantly contribute to the digital transformation of businesses worldwide.”

Bajaj Technology Services excels in driving digital transformation through custom applications, data engineering, cloud services, and more. It targets sectors such as financial services, retail, e-commerce, and government enterprises, offering scalable solutions to meet evolving market needs.

The company’s strategy emphasizes a deep understanding of digital consumers, ensuring seamless customer experiences across both online and offline platforms. It prioritizes data privacy, security, and compliance, maintaining robust back-office operations that adhere to industry standards.

The launch of Bajaj Technology Services in the UAE signifies a new era of collaboration and innovation. The company aims to build strong partnerships and effect meaningful change in the dynamic regional market. With its combination of industry expertise and technological prowess, Bajaj Finserv Direct is set to enhance digital transformation services, helping businesses flourish in the digital era.

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