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AICTE Unveils New Guidelines to Bolster Industry-Academia Collaboration

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In a major initiative to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has rolled out new guidelines aimed at enhancing industry-academia mobility. Announced by AICTE Chairman Prof. TG Sitharam, these guidelines seek to strengthen ties between educational institutions and the industry, thereby enriching the academic experience.

Key elements of the guidelines include the introduction of Professors of Practice (PoP), along with Associate and Assistant PoPs, and the promotion of women PoPs through the BHARATI (Boosting Higher Education through Assimilation of Resilient and Talented Indian Women) initiative. These measures are designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and bridge the theoretical-practical divide.

Prof. TG Sitharam highlighted the initiative’s importance, stating, “This comprehensive framework underscores our commitment to excellence in higher education and fostering sustainable linkages between academia and industry. The role of the Professor of Practice enriches the academic environment with real-world insights. Encouraging the appointment of Women Professors of Practice is a significant step towards gender equality in higher education and the professional sphere.”

AICTE plans to support the initiative by funding the Professors of Practice program. Prof. Sitharam announced that AICTE would financially support 100 women PoPs under the BHARATI initiative, helping professionals, especially those with career breaks, re-enter the workforce successfully.

AICTE Vice Chairman Dr. Abhay Jere addressed the challenges of the required 15 years of experience for the Professor of Practice role, introducing Associate and Assistant Professors of Practice to include a broader range of experienced professionals. “These additional roles will ensure that more professionals can contribute to our academic environment,” said Dr. Jere.

Dr. Jere also commended the committee led by Prof. G.D. Yadav and the Policy and Academic Planning Bureau of AICTE for their efforts in preparing these comprehensive guidelines. The framework aims to balance industry expertise with the academic rigour needed in educational institutions.

The press release emphasized that appointing Professors of Practice is crucial for aligning academic curricula with industry needs, enhancing student employability, and providing real-world insights. These professionals bring valuable industry connections, offering students internship opportunities, mentorship, and job placements.

The new guidelines by AICTE mark a significant step towards creating a more integrated and practical educational framework, ensuring that students are better prepared to meet industry demands.

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