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Vijay Kumar Goel Takes appointed as Director in Mb Development of North Eastern Region

North Eastern Region

Vijay Kumar Goel, an IRSME officer endorsed for Central deputation by the Mb Railways, has been appointed as Director in the Mb Development of North Eastern Region, Delhi, under the Central Staffing Scheme. His tenure is slated for five years from the commencement of his duties or until further directives are issued, whichever occurs first.

He is expected to transition to his new role promptly, following instructions to relinquish his current responsibilities. Notably, per the ACC’s guidelines outlined in the DoP&T Circular dated August 17, 2005, officers are required to assume their new positions within three weeks of receiving their appointment orders to avoid potential debarment from the Central Staffing Scheme.

However, if the officer is engaged in election-related duties owing to the Lok Sabha elections, they may be relieved from their current duties upon obtaining clearance from the Election Commission of India to undertake their new assignment in the Mb Development of North Eastern Region.