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True accessibility in online learning goes beyond the portability of devices, reveals Anand Verma, Herovired to ObserveNow

Reskilling and upskilling have become imperative in response to the evolving skill requirements within industries. The widespread adoption of technology has led to the emergence of new skill sets and career prospects. Moreover, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into workplaces has raised concerns about the potential displacement of human workers. As AI continues to redefine job roles, a staggering 94 % of companies in India intend to bolster the skills and competencies of their workforce this year, as revealed in LinkedIn’s recent “Workplace Learning Report.”

Anand Verma,
Anand Verma, Head, Enterprise Sales, Hero Vired

To address this pressing issue, online education emerges as a promising solution, offering flexible and personalized learning experiences that accommodate the diverse schedules of women professionals. On the same lines, Sheeba Chauhan, Senior Assistant Editor, ObserveNow interacted with Anand Verma, Head, Enterprise Sales, Hero Vired and discovered the preferences of working professionals regarding learning formats, and the value proposition of microlearning in the realm of career development.

Here are the edited excerpts:

How can women in the industry address the challenge of lack of time, which 69% of them perceive as the primary barrier to pursuing upskilling opportunities? Does Hero Vired offer flexible courses to assist women in overcoming this challenge?

Our recent survey, “Women in Modern Workplaces,” highlights a crucial insight: although 65% of women are eager to invest in career development and upskilling, 69% identify lack of time as the main obstacle. This challenge underscores the importance of balancing professional growth with personal commitments, particularly for those re-entering the workforce after a career break. Online education offers a viable solution by providing flexible, personalized learning opportunities that allow women to acquire relevant, new-age skills on their own schedule.

Hero Vired is at the forefront of this educational evolution, offering cutting-edge courses in Finance, Management, Technology, Data, and Future Tech in collaboration with premier universities. Our programs, designed to prepare learners for emerging job roles, are delivered by industry experts and focus on real-world, personalized learning experiences. We ensure holistic development through extensive support services including career coaching, CV workshops, industry webinars, and networking events.

In recognition of Women’s Day, we proudly offered a 25% #EmpowerHer scholarship to support women learners. Anubha Bhardwaj, a notable alumni, successfully upskilled in Finance with Hero Vired during her pregnancy, demonstrating the transformative impact of our offerings.

Do you believe accessibility significantly influences learners’ likelihood of completing a course, considering that 70 percent of them feel more motivated when training on a mobile device?

It’s crucial to understand that true accessibility in online learning goes beyond just the portability of devices; thus, smartphones alone do not necessarily enhance accessibility or the learning experience. Accessibility must consider whether courses are offered entirely online or in a hybrid format and whether they provide flexibility to learners. It also encompasses the consistent support from faculty, which is vital for nurturing a conducive learning environment. Regardless of the device—be it laptops or smartphones—learners should be able to effortlessly access course materials through user-friendly interfaces that work smoothly across different platforms.

At Hero Vired, we prioritise personalised and self-paced learning that integrates both virtual and live formats. With 70% to 90% of our classes led by live instructors and featuring interactive learning experiences, our learners enjoy the flexibility to study anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, our comprehensive 360° learning approach includes career support services such as profile building, masterclasses, and soft skills training, ensuring the holistic development of our learners.

What format do working professionals prefer for learning: microlearning or month-long courses, according to your target customers? Are there any challenges regarding the quality and value added to micro-learning courses?

Most working professionals prefer month-long courses over microlearning. It is so because the format of month-long courses offer structured, in-depth learning experiences, allowing for thorough exploration of topics and skill development. Professionals benefit more from a systematic curriculum and practical application, as they are required to later apply the knowledge in their daily work. Adding to that, networking opportunities and industry-led masterclasses offer the much-needed exposure. On the other hand, microlearning may not ensure the depth and coherence that professionals require these days.