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ObserveNow concludes intriguing discussion on security & scaling growth; in collaboration with Niveus Solutions & Google Cloud

Niveus Solutions & Google Cloud

ObserveNow has recently concluded an exclusive roundtable discussion which was presented by Niveus Solutions & Google Cloud, focusing on Scaling Safely – Balancing Growth and Security for Digital Natives.

The session was moderated in a very intriguing manner by Suhan Shetty, Enterprise Architect – Infrastructure Services, Niveus Solutions and co-moderated by Taniya Tikoo, Editor- in -Chief, ObserveNow.

While giving the opening remarks for the session, Taniya Tikoo, Editor-in-Chief, ObserveNow expressed the gratitude and said, “I extended heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed speakers for their participation in the session. Furthermore, she highlighted ObserveNow’s efforts in organizing informative sessions to foster meaningful discussions and invite leaders who spearhead change in their respective industries.”

Furthermore, prominent figures such as Anand Kumar Keshri, Head of Technology at GroMo; Akshya Kumar, Founder and CEO of Officebanao; Nakul Gandha, Infrastructure Modernization Specialist at Google Cloud; Kalpesh Vaghani, Senior Vice President of Technology at; Narendra Pal Singh, VP Engineering at Merrito; Ravi Mathur, Co-Founder and CTO of Insurance Samadhan; Siddharth Vijay, AVP of Engineering at Baazi Games; Rishabh Jain, Head of Engineering at Healthians; Imran Khan Niazi, Co-Founder – CTO, TrustSignal; Jatinder Alagh, CTO,; Ketan Dewan, Founder & CEO, TALOCITY INSTASOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED; Kumar Amit,Co-Founder & COO, Castler; Sagar Chauhan, Chief Technology & Information Security Officer, SaveIN; Sanjeev Singh, Head of Tech & Data, BluSmart, graced the session with their presence.

The session kick-started with a context-setting presentation by Varun Kannan, Lead – Digital Natives, Niveus Solutions. He mentioned about the offerings of Niveus and their partnership with Google Cloud. Additionally, he shared his experience with some of his recent clients and said, “Observing startups investing heavily in expensive security tools highlights the importance of viewing security as an ongoing practice rather than seeking quick-fix solutions. Recently, we collaborated with a publicly listed company venturing into the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Despite their traditional setup, they approached us to develop an EV ecosystem. Their vision centered on enhancing fleet management through data telematics to bolster sales support and forecast after-sales services within our region. Our collaboration resulted in a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to accommodate both private ownership, featuring advanced functionalities, and fleet operations with robust monitoring capabilities.”

Nakul Gandha who joined the session from Google Cloud commented on the topic and said, “Ensuring data encryption both at rest and in transit is fundamental to maintaining robust data security protocols. Encryption, access control, and regular backups constitute the cornerstone of data security measures. Rather than being an afterthought, security measures should be integrated into the very fabric of an organization’s infrastructure. Neglecting these vital aspects could prove to be a costly mistake for businesses, as potential breaches can result in significant financial repercussions and damage to their brand reputation. Investing in a robust security infrastructure is not only a prudent financial decision but also safeguards the invaluable trust of customers and stakeholders.”

The session witnessed various discussions on the Growth Imperative for Digital Natives to Compliance and Regulatory Considerations and how security can help in scaling growth without worrying about the challenges and hurdles that come along with security breaches.

During the discussion Akshya Kumar, Founder & CEO, Officebanao shared his thoughts and said, “The demand for rapid delivery is ubiquitous, and technology offers the means to meet such expectations. Leveraging both cloud and on-premises solutions, scalability has become significantly less daunting.”

Ravi Mathur, Co-Founder & CTO, Insurance Samadhan expressed his views from the specific industry perspective and said, “Engaging with customers has underscored the paramount importance they place on data privacy in today’s landscape. With team members operating remotely both within and outside traditional office settings, the imperative to safeguard data has intensified. Embracing cloud technology streamlines scalability and enables businesses to concentrate on core operations, as security challenges can be effectively addressed by robust security tools.”

The discussion highlighted the need for continuous investment in robust security measures, emphasizing encryption, access control, and proactive integration of security into organizational infrastructure. The discussion underscored that neglecting security could result in substantial financial losses and damage to brand reputation, urging businesses to prioritize security as a fundamental aspect of growth. It also reinforced the notion that by embracing a holistic approach to growth and security, digital natives can thrive in an increasingly interconnected world, safeguarding both their assets and customer trust.