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Ministry of Education Launches CBDE Program for Design and Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education

Ministry of Education

The ‘Capacity Building on Design and Entrepreneurship (CBDE)’ program was virtually inaugurated by K. Sanjay Murthy, the Secretary of the Department of Higher Education within the Ministry of Education. The launch event saw the participation of department officials, Program Advisory Council members, industry mentors, representatives from selected Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and other stakeholders, totaling over 130 attendees.

Murthy emphasized the collaborative effort between industry and academia driving the program, with industry experts providing crucial guidance and support to HEIs. Notably, 30 HEIs were carefully chosen through a rigorous selection process to implement the program, facilitated by the IIITDM, Kancheepuram.

The program aims to empower HEIs and faculty members to foster Design and Entrepreneurship development within their institutions, aided by industry mentors. It emphasizes a problem-solving approach among students, encouraging creative solutions to complex challenges and facilitating their implementation with mentorship from industry professionals.

Industry figures like Manoj Kohli and Debjani Ghosh expressed optimism about the program’s potential outcomes, stressing the importance of nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among students. Prof. V. Kamakoti from IIT Madras highlighted the significance of addressing locally relevant challenges for global recognition.

Industry mentors, including Dr. Miftahul Barbaruah and Chandrasekaran Balakrishnan, underscored the program’s role in transforming students into entrepreneurs capable of tackling societal issues.

Prof. Sudhir Varadarajan, the Program Director at IIITDM Kancheepuram, outlined the program’s future steps and provided guidance to participating HEIs on its implementation.