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LG Targets India’s Ed-tech Sector with Smart Boards, Accelerating B2B Market Entry


LG Electronics Inc. is intensifying its efforts to penetrate India’s business-to-business (B2B) sector, focusing on the rapidly growing educational technology (Ed-tech) field with its smart boards, also known as interactive whiteboards. By capitalizing on the Digital India initiative initiated in 2015, LG aims to access India’s $10 billion education market, leveraging its position as a leading brand in OLED TVs globally. This endeavor is in line with India’s objective to bolster online infrastructure and advance digital education in government-run institutions, driving the nation towards digital empowerment.

Over the last three years, LG has already made significant strides by supplying 10,000 units of its LG CreateBoard to 2,900 public high schools in Odisha, one of India’s three government-designated technology hubs. The LG CreateBoard is engineered to enhance teaching efficiency in classrooms and meetings, enabling seamless transitions between traditional blackboard-style instruction and digital presentations, and incorporates educational templates for diagrams and figures.

This initiative forms part of LG’s broader strategy to transition from a conventional white goods manufacturer to a software-oriented platform company, strengthening its B2B services, which are crucial drivers of growth. The CreateBoard’s multitouch screen can detect up to 40 simultaneous touches, and its integrated application, LG Create Board Share, enables the display of up to nine screens concurrently during lessons, facilitating interactive learning experiences.

According to LG, these electronic whiteboards not only improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching but also enrich lessons with diverse digital content. Demonstrating its commitment to this market, LG directly distributes these interactive displays across India, offering hands-on demonstrations to showcase their utility.

The demand for interactive whiteboards has surged significantly, with their availability in India expanding at an average annual rate of around 80% over the past five years, as per Omdia’s report. Furthermore, Statista predicts that India’s ed-tech market will grow at an average annual rate of 30%, reaching $10.4 billion by 2025, compared to approximately $2.8 billion in 2020. Celebrating its 27th year in India, LG continues to reinforce its presence with local sales, manufacturing, and research and development operations. The company’s CEO, Cho Joo-wan, emphasized this commitment with a visit last June, exploring new prospects in ed-tech and other IT solution-based businesses.

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