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Jalsa Ventures Group Expands Reach with 14 New Centers Across India under “Shard Center for Innovation”

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The Jalsa Ventures Group has launched the “Shard Center for Innovation” in India, a revolutionary educational hub focusing on AI, ML, Drones, Robotics, Design Thinking, 3-D Printing, Data Science, IoT, and other advanced technologies for young children and professionals. Recently, the group has established 14 new centers across various states. This initiative aims to provide hands-on experiential education in emerging technologies to future leaders.

In the first phase, the Shard Center for Innovation will open in cities such as Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Surat, Vadodara, Neemrana, Gandhinagar, Siliguri, Aurangabad, Sambalpur, Barampur, and Ranchi. Additional cities and states across India will be included later in the year.

These centers are designed to educate and empower future leaders, enabling them to navigate and contribute to the digital world and succeed in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The initiative aims to create an environment that fosters challenge-taking, exploration, innovation, and progress. It will also serve as a world-class platform for young minds and professionals to deeply engage with cutting-edge fields like AI, ML, Robotics, and IoT.

Pankaj Kumar, Founder and Managing Director of Jalsa Ventures Group, said, “The domains like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and IoT are increasingly becoming part and parcel of almost every walk of our life. A wholesome education into them is essential for holistic development of the society. The Shard Center For Innovation truly believes in “giving wings to your child’s imagination”. These centers would not only evolve the young minds into responsible citizens and industry leaders of tomorrow, but will also upskill the working professionals for increased proficiency and value addition at their workplace. They will impart all the lessons, theory & practical, offline, face to face in our state-of-the-art Innovation Labs, so as they could connect with them practically and incorporate into the day-to-day challenges in their respective domains. They can also launch their own enterprises in these sectors, in the time to come. We will also keep pace with the other upcoming technologies and add them to the curriculum, as and when required.”

The center’s would provide hands-on immersive and experiential learning as well as develop abilities to solve the real-life challenges, under their direct supervision. Along with these training programmes, these centers would also offer sessions on Communication, Leadership and Career Counseling to the young alumnus.

The centers will offer hands-on, immersive, and experiential learning, helping participants develop skills to tackle real-life challenges under direct supervision. In addition to these training programs, the centers will also provide sessions on communication, leadership, and career counseling for young alumni.