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IIT Madras Achieves Over 80% Placement Rate for BTech and Dual Degree Students

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Chennai: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras announced that over 80% of its BTech and dual degree students, as well as 75% of its master’s students, secured job placements this year. During the 2023-24 campus placement phases, a total of 1,091 students were hired by 256 companies. Additionally, students accepted 235 out of 300 pre-placement offers.

The institute highlighted that 44 overseas job offers were made, with companies from Japan and Europe among the recruiters. Startups also played a significant role, with 85 startups extending 183 offers to students.

The median salary for this year’s placements stands at Rs 19.6 lakh per annum, while the average salary is Rs 22 lakh per annum, according to IIT Madras.

Satyanarayana Gummadi, Dean of Students at IIT Madras, expressed satisfaction with the placement results. “The Career Pathway Centre at IIT Madras assists students in exploring various career paths and identifying diverse employment opportunities. Despite a challenging year, our students remain in high demand,” he said.

Sector-wise, 43% of the students were placed in core industries, 20% in software, and the remaining distributed across analytics, finance, consulting, and data science.

IIT Madras Director V. Kamakoti emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship among students. “While job placements are a crucial career path, we aim for more students to venture into entrepreneurship and create employment opportunities for others. This aligns with our goal of fostering 100 tech startups next year,” he stated.

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