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Fresh From Farm Secures USD 2 Million Investment in Pre-Series A Round Led by Inflection Point Ventures

Fresh From Farm

New Delhi: Fresh From Farm, a platform facilitating the consolidation of fresh fruit demand, has secured a significant investment of USD 2 million in a Pre-Series A funding round. This funding round saw participation from Inflection Point Ventures, with notable investor Ashish Kacholia leading the charge. Fresh From Farm functions as a intermediary between farms and consumers, handling procurement, sorting, and distribution for retailers, thereby enabling them to concentrate on sales efforts.

The capital infusion will primarily be directed towards expanding the team, enhancing technological infrastructure, and diversifying product offerings. These initiatives are in line with Fresh From Farm’s overarching growth strategy, aimed at fortifying its position in the market and fueling further expansion.

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Fresh From Farm stands out as a pioneering online platform reshaping the dynamics of fresh produce sourcing and delivery. Employing a proprietary technological interface, the company effectively forecasts demand and optimizes supply chains to minimize wastage. Furthermore, Fresh From Farm’s innovative business model empowers fruit vendors by transforming them into mini-franchisees, handling the entire process from sourcing to grading, thus freeing them to focus solely on sales. Notably, the company is spearheaded by Rohit Nagdewani, a seasoned entrepreneur with prior success in founding two other ventures.

Vikram Ramasubramanian, Partner, Inflection Point Ventures, says, “The concept of buying fresh fruits sounds fresh and healthy, but the process, however, is not. Behind every purchase lies a chain of individuals—farmers, labourers, and retailers—working tirelessly to bring these products to market. F3 steps in as a transformative force, streamlining this process with its tech-enabled platform. By offering transparency and efficiency, F3 empowers retailers to sell quality produce at fair prices, bridging the gap between affordability and profitability. Moreover, F3 champions sustainability by reducing wastage—a testament to its commitment to a healthier, more equitable future.”

Ashish Kacholia, Founder, Lucky Investments says, “The F3 team is solving a large problem for fresh fruits retailers by handling their sourcing logistics and helping their quality of life. Consolidation of demand in an otherwise fragmented and unorganized market is the key driver of the business. Rohit and his team’s deep expertise on the subject matter and their focus on unit economics allowed us to build conviction for the investment.”

Rohit Nagdewani, Founder, Fresh From Farm, says, “Our vision of becoming India’s largest Fresh Fruits company aligns with our efforts to expand aggressively in New Delhi/ NCR. While currently delivering at over 300+ locations every day, our key focus at wastage reduction and efficient demand consolidation have allowed for our retailer partners to earn an average of 29% more than working through traditional channels. On the growth front, we are aiming to touch Rs 100 crore ARR by the end of this calendar year.”

The sector flaunts a significant market scale, totaling $115 billion, and it’s currently on a stable growth trajectory, boasting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5%. These figures highlight the industry’s strong performance and its promising prospects for future expansion.