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Department of Telecommunications Spearheads Collaborative Sprint to Propel India’s Telecom Sector Towards 6G Era


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) orchestrated the “Telecom Design Collaboration Sprint,” an initiative aimed at uniting startups/MSMEs, academia, and research institutions. Hosted at IIIT, Bangalore, the event saw the participation of fifteen prominent startups/MSMEs specializing in Radio Access Network (RAN) and Core ecosystems, alongside esteemed institutions such as IIT Madras, C-DOT, and IIT Delhi.

The collaboration delved into deep-tech rapid ideation, focusing on innovative solutions for crafting a comprehensive and future-proof telecom stack encompassing robust 5G solutions while laying the groundwork for advancements towards 6G. The Sprint operated with three key objectives:

1. Leveraging Collective Strengths: By pooling expertise in critical 5G infrastructure areas, startups accelerated innovation and streamlined the development of a common telecom stack.

2. Fostering Holistic Solutions: Through collaborative efforts, startups aimed to devise comprehensive 5G solutions tailored to industry needs and primed for future advancements.

3. Creating Market Opportunities: By aligning efforts, the initiative aimed to unlock market potential, enabling startups to thrive and compete in the telecom sector.

Following extensive discussions, outcome-focused groups were established to address gaps in the Indian telecom ecosystem and prepare for forthcoming technologies like 6G. These groups will concentrate on core infrastructure, distribution units (DUs), radio units (RUs), central units (CUs), and other elements, aiming to bridge current gaps and offer future-proof solutions. Additionally, two working groups were formed.

Participants lauded the initiative as pioneering and expressed keen interest in continued collaboration, urging the DoT to sustain such endeavors. The Sprint underscores DoT’s dedication to fostering innovation and industry collaboration, positioning India’s telecommunications sector for global leadership in the 5G era and beyond. By harnessing the unique strengths of startups/MSMEs, academia, and industry, the DoT endeavors to forge a resilient and forward-looking mobile telecom stack, with a keen eye on advancing towards 6G technology.