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Bharat Loan Launches Bharat Easy EMI, Credit Solution Promoting Financial Inclusion & Flexibility

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New Delhi: Bharat Loan has launched a new product called Bharat Easy EMI, aimed at meeting the increasing demand for flexible financing options with competitive interest rates. This inclusive credit solution is easily accessible and employs a fully digital process, offering adaptable repayment plans to suit individual needs. Utilizing an advanced BRE algorithm, it assesses creditworthiness beyond traditional metrics like CIBIL scores, tailoring EMI plans accordingly to provide a wider range of financial opportunities.

This EMI product from the fintech company eliminates traditional lending barriers, prioritizing financial inclusion. Already benefiting over 100,000 customers, Bharat Loan aims to extend its reach further, ensuring access to financial resources for all. They plan to introduce similar offerings to deepen their market presence, particularly targeting young urban professionals aged 25 to 50.

Amit Bansal, Founder of Bharat Loan, said, “At Bharat Loan, we believe financial exigencies should not be a major limiting factor in one’s life. We have been excited to introduce our innovative EMI product, designed to offer flexible loan options for everyone. The lending solution is backed by advanced technologies that not only give a rounded credit assessment of interested individuals but also makes the entire process seamless, offering a superlative lending experience of the borrowers.

We experience a tremendous need from people that have faced financial setbacks due to various personal and market related challenges. By facilitating small ticket enabling credit line to these individuals, we want to build a healthy, empowering and inclusive financial ecosystem in India.”

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