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ViewSonic Unveils EdSync: Tailored Software Revolutionizes Indian Education

New Delhi: ViewSonic Corp has broadened its range of offerings with the launch of ViewSonic EdSync, a unified platform merging Learning Management System (LMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionalities. Specifically crafted for the Indian educational landscape, this software serves as a comprehensive solution for school management operations. 

Having entered the Edtech sector in 2018 with ViewBoard (IFP) hardware, ViewSonic has maintained its position as a leader since 2020. The introduction of myViewBoard in 2019 expanded their reach, offering a versatile learning software suite adaptable to both online and physical learning environments. ViewLessons, launched in 2023, further enriched their educational ecosystem with tailored content aligned with the National Education Policy and inclusive of CBSE and ICSE lesson plans.

EdSync represents a comprehensive solution catering to all stakeholders within and outside educational institutions. With its high level of customization and integration of various modules, EdSync aims to streamline daily operations while replacing multiple standalone software solutions. Its AI-powered features, including automated timetable generation and chatbot assistance, aim to alleviate administrative burdens and enhance focus on student engagement.

Muneer Ahmad, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India, said, “We at ViewSonic are always thriving with our aggressive approach to build a strong presence in the education space. Over the past five years, we have transformed our education segment from hardware to service provider. Bringing a complete solution to the Indian education landscape, we have tailored our education segment with innovation and have created ‘Ecosystem as a Service’ (EaaS). Our target is not only restricted to educators but has moved beyond focusing on other stakeholders. Our newly introduced EdSync is an end-to-end multiple solution provider equipped with user-friendly interface, robust features, and comprehensive support across stakeholders. With our new software we are leveraging our expertise to provide a holistic solution to educational institutions. We hope to enhance learning outcomes and daily operations of educational institutions”.

EdSync’s key features include a comprehensive LMS, student tracking, admission, fee, and transport management, ensuring data security through centralized storage and cloud-based ERP systems. Its scalability and mobility features enable seamless adaptation to evolving needs and real-time access to essential tasks via dedicated mobile applications. The Marketplace feature connects schools with quality educational resources, enriching the educational experience.