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Super 30 founder Anand Kumar to launch online educational platform

Anand Kumar, the founder of Super 30 and a mathematician, announced plans to launch a new online educational platform aimed at bringing education directly to the doorsteps of economically disadvantaged students in India.

Speaking at the 2024 Kellogg India Business Conference, themed “Reimagining India: Shaping the Global Economic Landscape,” hosted by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Kumar emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to expand educational access. Reflecting on lessons learned during the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, Kumar highlighted how connecting with students via social media while they were confined to their homes taught him valuable insights, emphasizing the potential for growth even in adversity. He expressed his long-standing aspiration to ensure every underprivileged student receives an education.

Kumar underscored the crucial role of technology in reaching underserved populations, stressing society’s responsibility to ensure equitable access to educational opportunities. He emphasized that empowering the less privileged would enrich the global talent pool, fostering prosperity and benefiting humanity as a whole.