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Revolutionizing Telesales Through Innovation and Customer-Centricity says Co-Founder & CBO, Squadstack in conversation with ObserveNow Media

The advent of technology has paved the way for a new era of innovation, offering businesses unprecedented opportunities to streamline operations and elevate customer experiences. Technology has catalyzed a paradigm shift from Voice Assistants to tailored user interfaces, enabling businesses to automate processes and harness the benefits of operating on autopilot. According to a recent survey by Accenture, it found that in the last two years alone, one in two companies (49%) adopted new technology and transformed their business faster than ever, with 40% transforming multiple parts of their business at the same time. Introducing new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) are now part of a solid business strategy. Some of the advantages of these technologies include increased productivity, higher rates of production, better quality service, and the efficient use of materials.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, telesales remain a cornerstone of customer acquisition and engagement strategies. SquadStack, a leader in telesales outsourcing, is at the forefront of this industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction to drive exceptional results for businesses across sectors.

In this exclusive interview, Sheeba Chauhan from ObserveNow interacted with Rishabh Ladha, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of SquadStack, and explored SquadStack’s innovative approach to telecalling, exploring their proprietary Agent Interface and how it’s reshaping the telesales experience. Additionally, we uncover the diverse suite of services they offer beyond trained telecallers, delving into their AI-powered solutions for lead management, omnichannel outreach, and call quality monitoring.

Here is the edited excerpt: 

What are the technologies that Squadstack uses for the efficiency of telecallers and an unmatched telesales experience?

At SquadStack, our in-house Agent Interface is revolutionizing telecalling by addressing industry challenges through intuitive design and AI integration.

Complex interfaces traditionally hindered tech adoption, leading to gaps in data management and lead outreach. Our Agent Interface streamlines the entire telesales journey into a seamless mobile and web application experience, enhancing telecaller efficiency and user experience.

We meticulously select top-tier telecallers through system-driven screening and speech assessments, with only ~2% becoming certified callers. Once onboard, telecallers undergo comprehensive training within the app, refining objection handling, language skills, and brand representation.

Our app isn’t just about streamlining processes but driving productivity. With guided scripts, system-driven outreach, and features like auto-dialing and screen sharing, our agents navigate leads effortlessly, ensuring swift responses and enhanced connectivity.

Our AI-powered enhancements, driven by human expertise and AI algorithms, ensure every call meets and exceeds industry standards. Personalized feedback and training further empower our telecallers to excel, significantly reducing attrition-related challenges.

In essence, SquadStack’s Agent Interface isn’t just a tool—it’s a game-changer in driving telesales efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the other services that Squadstack provides apart from trained telecallers for businesses? 

SquadStack isn’t just about providing trained telecallers; we offer a fully managed telesales outsourcing platform that integrates the best of AI, technology, and sales expertise. Our services extend beyond telecalling to include:

  • System-Driven Lead Management & Omnichannel Outreach: We optimize lead handling and engage customers across multiple channels, ensuring a seamless interaction experience.
  • AI-Powered Call Quality Monitoring: Our technology ensures consistent call quality, enhancing customer interactions through monitoring and adjustments.
  • Knowledge Management & Sufficiency: Using AI call monitoring, we maintain a robust knowledge base that empowers our telecallers with up-to-date information, ensuring they are well-prepared for every customer interaction. This also ensures floor knowledge is retained even if agents aren’t.  
  • In-House Proprietary Dialer with Strategic Dialing: Our custom dialer technology is designed to maximize efficiency, adapting dialing strategies to specific campaign needs.

These services are tailored for industries including BFSI, E-commerce, Logistics, and Healthcare, helping businesses enhance conversions, reduce customer acquisition costs, and improve overall customer experience. Companies choose SquadStack to gain a partner committed to driving their telesales success.

How do you ensure that Squadstack remains customer-centric in its approach to product development and innovation?

At SquadStack, putting customers at the center isn’t just a goal; it’s the core of how we innovate and develop products. We recognize the immense responsibility as keepers of a brand’s trust and sales experience, especially in an era where sales interactions are increasingly virtual.

Guiding Principles and Practices

Our commitment to customer-centricity drives us to continuously innovate and adapt our solutions to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. This dedication ensures that the customer’s perspective remains central to our product development process.

Transforming Traditional Models

Unlike typical contact centers, which  may not fully align with customer expectations, SquadStack has redefined the model by prioritizing operational efficiency, excellence, and customer satisfaction. Our approach involves a holistic view of each interaction, monitored through precise key performance indicators.

Integration of Technology and Expertise

We leverage the deep expertise of our well-trained agents alongside state-of-the-art technology. This integration significantly elevates the customer experience, moving beyond the traditional BPO and call center framework to a more refined, effective, and customer-focused solution.

By prioritizing customer needs and expectations, SquadStack ensures that every product enhancement and innovation directly contributes to delivering superior customer experiences, solidifying our position as a leader in the evolving landscape of sales interactions.

What mechanisms do you have in place for gathering feedback from customers, and how do you incorporate that feedback into your decision-making processes?

At SquadStack, we recognize that true innovation is rooted in a deep understanding of our customers and sales agents. We’ve established a robust feedback mechanism that keeps us aligned with their challenges and aspirations, ensuring our solutions continuously evolve to meet their needs.

Our approach to gathering feedback is comprehensive and holistic. It ensures that we have a 360-degree view of the needs and expectations of our customers, sales agents, and internal team members. This comprehensive strategy helps us capture a wide array of insights crucial for shaping our solutions.

We prioritize regular, open communication with our clients to understand their specific pain points and goals. Frequent feedback calls and strategic discussions allow us to gather direct insights, while detailed business reports provide actionable data that informs our decision-making process. This ongoing dialogue ensures that our solutions remain relevant and highly effective.

Recognizing the invaluable insights our sales agents offer, we foster a dedicated community for them to voice their feedback and ideas. This community is supported by in-person surveys and structured interviews, enabling us to incorporate their on-the-ground experiences into our strategic decisions.

Our feedback loop is designed not just for incremental adjustments but for significant organizational changes. By assessing the impact of the feedback systematically, collaborating across departments, and maintaining alignment with our broader goals, we ensure that every piece of feedback contributes to meaningful innovation.

This strategic approach to feedback integration enhances our services and solidifies our commitment to leading the telesales industry through continuous improvement and customer-centric innovation.