Now Loading Launches XO Platform V11.0 for Enhanced AI Business Interactions

Hyderabad: has introduced the latest iteration of its Experience Optimization (XO) Platform, Version 11.0, heralding a new era of AI-powered engagement spanning customer, agent, and search experiences.

The upgraded XO V11.0 empowers businesses to harness AI capabilities at an accelerated pace, boasting enhancements that facilitate the creation of tailored conversational experiences with remarkable efficiency.

“Coming off the heels of a successful $150 million round, this next wave of innovation reinforces how is leading the way with generative AI,” said founder and CEO Raj Koneru. “We have reimagined what it takes for our platform users to bring new AI-automated solutions to market faster and deliver value with speed, accuracy and cost. XO V11.0 will take the complexities and time out of building and managing AI and focus on putting it to work to drive value at scale.”

According to projections by Gartner, Generative AI adoption is set to skyrocket, with 75% of Conversational AI (CAI) solutions expected to incorporate it by 2026, up from a mere 5% in 2023. This trend presents ample opportunities for businesses to seamlessly deploy increasingly sophisticated, multifaceted applications.

The latest release by introduces several interesting features:

Unified Experience: Users can now seamlessly navigate a unified interface across all integrated products, including Automation AI, Contact Center AI, Search AI, and Agent AI, facilitated by an intuitive app switcher.

Multi-LLM Generative AI: Leveraging multiple Language Model (LLM) models tailored to specific use cases and scenarios, businesses can achieve a more human-like generative AI experience, incorporating’s XO GPT, all fortified by robust security measures and optimized performance.

XO GPT Models: This suite of models facilitates more natural conversations through paraphrasing, summarization, and accurate understanding of user intents, utilizing lighter, swifter, and cost-effective models fine-tuned for customer experience conversational scenarios.

Advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Enabling targeted content discovery utilizing company assets, customizable extraction strategies, enhanced data management, and tailored chunking options, accompanied by customizable prompts and business rules tailored to diverse use cases.

Outbound Campaigns: Automating proactive voice communications with customers via an agentless dialer for messages, collections, and reminders.

Agent Assistance: Empowering human agents with real-time coaching through guided instructions and playbooks.

Enterprises worldwide can now leverage’s comprehensive suite of capabilities across Automation AI, Contact Center AI, and Search AI to drive end-to-end automation that delivers tangible business value.