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IIT-Patna and IIM-Bodh Gaya Forge Strategic Partnership for Collaborative Research

In Patna, the Indian Institute of Technology-Patna (IIT-P) and the Indian Institute of Management-Bodh Gaya (IIM-BG) have solidified their partnership through a memorandum of understanding (MoU), signed by IIT-P director T N Singh and IIM-BG director Vinita S Sahay. This landmark agreement, rooted in the legislative foundation of both institutions, paves the way for collaborative studies and research endeavors.

Director Sahay emphasized that the MoU opens avenues for joint research, consultancy services, and collaborative studies among faculty members. This collaboration encompasses the exchange of research resources, facilitating mutual efforts, and fortifying research capacities.

The signing ceremony was attended by esteemed faculty members from both institutions, including A K Thakur, A K Verma, and N K Tomar, underscoring the significance of this strategic alliance.