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IIT Kanpur’s IFACET and Skyy Skill Academy Collaborate to Launch Technology Courses Online

IIT Kanpur’s IFACET and Skyy Skill Academy have collaborated to introduce state-of-the-art technology courses online. Through this strategic partnership, they aim to offer a range of online certification programs focusing on cutting-edge technologies. These courses will encompass various areas including Electric Vehicle Technology, Powertrain, Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS, Embedded Systems, Vehicle Design and Analysis, ANSYS, and SOLIDWORKS, among others. The goal is to equip learners with industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Leveraging the esteemed research and innovation expertise of IIT Kanpur, IFACET will work closely with Skyy Skill Academy to develop high-quality educational content. Experts in the respective technological domains will meticulously craft the course materials.

Set to commence in the coming months, interested individuals will soon find registration details and comprehensive course information on both Skyy Skill Academy and IFACET websites. Given the ongoing global trend towards digitalization, initiatives like this are instrumental in democratizing education, thereby promoting innovation and enhancing the capabilities of the global workforce.