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IIM Indore launches 432 crore project -‘ABHYUDAYA’

IIM Indore has unveiled its Group VIII Project – ‘ABHYUDAYA’, aimed at upgrading its educational infrastructure. Valued at Rs. 432 Crores (plus GST), the project was officially launched by the Institute’s Director, Prof. Himanshu Rai.

The inauguration ceremony followed a traditional Vaidik approach, with Prof. Rai personally overseeing the priestly rituals. This underscores the project’s strong cultural foundation and the institution’s reverence for traditional customs.

Prof. Rai expressed his excitement and said, “ABHYUDAYA represents a leap forward for IIM Indore, aligning our infrastructure with our educational aspirations. This expansion will not only enhance our academic offerings but also significantly contribute to the holistic development of our students and faculty.”

The initiative is dedicated to sustainable progress, aiming to achieve a net-zero campus footprint by incorporating cutting-edge environmental technologies like solar power systems, solar water heating, and a cutting-edge sewage treatment plant. Additionally, the extensive landscaping strategy involves the utilization of indigenous plant varieties and the creation of green areas to enrich biodiversity and offer ecological advantages.

“These initiatives reflect our dedication to creating an eco-friendly learning environment that aligns with global sustainability standards and helps prepare students to be conscientious future leaders,” added Prof. Rai.

ABHYUDAYA encompasses the development of cutting-edge academic infrastructure, highlighted by a new academic building tailored to accommodate 870 students across multi-storey hostel blocks, offices for 70 faculty members and an equal number of staff and associates, alongside residential quarters for 32 faculty members. These academic structures will offer versatile learning environments, comprising classrooms of different capacities, faculty offices, lounges, and administrative areas, all complemented by modern cafeterias.

Furthermore, the project introduces an MDC Academic Block and Incubation Center, aimed at bolstering Management Development Programs and furnishing specialized amenities for DPM participants and virtual learning initiatives.