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IIHMR University Launches Digital Health Certificate Course

Mumbai: IIHMR University has unveiled its inaugural certificate program in digital health. Geared towards professionals aspiring to navigate the complexities of the digital healthcare realm, the initiative aims to cultivate a cohort of healthcare practitioners equipped with the insights and skills needed to leverage digital innovations effectively. Endorsed by the advisory board of the School of Digital Health, this intensive six-month program has been meticulously crafted by dedicated faculty members to address the evolving landscape of healthcare.

Delivered in an online format to accommodate geographical constraints, the course offers participants the flexibility to engage remotely while also providing opportunities for in-person discussions on campus. By launching this initiative, the School of Digital Health underscores its commitment to actively contribute to various facets of the healthcare sector, aligning with the government’s vision to digitize India’s healthcare infrastructure.

Dr. P.R. Sodani, President, IIHMR University, while delivering the inaugural address, emphasized that, “ Since its inception, IIHMR University is continuously working towards the objective of improving management practices in the healthcare sector. Considering the current cleft between public healthcare in the country and the digital healthcare ecosystem, IIHMR University understands the strong need to develop healthcare professionals with an understanding of digital health innovations to promote remote & advanced healthcare quality and accessibility. Hence, our expertise has decided to brew this course filled with flavors of cutting-edge technologies for our diverse alumni network and other public healthcare working professionals. I welcome all the participants and congratulate my team for their efforts and the resounding success of this launch.”

Dr. Swapnil Gadhave, a faculty member and coordinator of the course, highlighted that the program will offer a comprehensive exploration of digital health integration within the healthcare ecosystem. Through a thoughtfully structured curriculum, students will engage in a variety of training methods tailored to meet the needs of working professionals. These include lectures, case studies, projects, term papers, and assignments, all facilitated through online platforms. This dynamic approach encourages active participation and fosters meaningful interactions among students and faculty, paving the way for continued growth and excellence in the field.