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Hero Vired Revamps Enterprise Division, Targets 100+ Partnerships

Mumbai: Hero Vired unveiled its expanded focus on delivering tailored educational programs across three key sectors: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Institution (B2I), and Business to Government (B2G). This strategic move is designed to provide customized training solutions that cater to a broad range of domains, functions, and skill sets aimed at enhancing organizational capabilities and facilitating the recruitment and development of talent. The initiative is set to revolutionize learning & development systems and processes to address India’s growing need for a skilled workforce.

The newly launched offerings include personalized and hybrid learning experiences, conducted by leading industry experts. The programs leverage a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) offering flexible subscriptions, contemporary Learning and Development (L&D) frameworks, and project-based learning geared towards achieving tangible outcomes at the workplace. For educational institutes, Hero Vired has planned employability bootcamps complete with placement support, alongside residential training programs hosted at the BML Munjal University campus. Additionally, for large corporations and startups, the initiative will encompass skill enhancement and talent development workshops. In the public sector, the company aims to equip PSUs and government agencies with cutting-edge skills essential for workforce advancement.

Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO of Hero Vired, stated, “In today’s rapidly changing employment landscape, which demands speed and agility, we are intensifying our engagement in the B2B sector. Our focus will be on bridging skill gaps, forging deeper connections with organizations, and diversifying our revenue streams. With strategic positioning to bolster the B2B segment, we aim for over 100 partnerships and to facilitate over 100,000 man-hours of upskilling. Our goal is to be the preferred training partner for both corporations and educational institutions, fully equipping our learners with the essential skills and knowledge for the future of work in Industry 4.0.”

The demand for specialized training and upskilling programs is on the rise across sectors, driven by the emphasis on engineering and technical training by large corporations and the need for advanced technological skills in tech startups. With a recognized shortage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) talent and high attrition rates, companies are increasingly investing in training their existing employees rather than hiring new ones. Hero Vired’s expansion into the B2B sector signals a growing awareness of the challenges related to skilling and adaptation within various industries. This move is expected to play a significant role, contributing to 50% of the company’s total revenue in the upcoming year.

Anand Verma, Head of Enterprise Sales at Hero Vired, expressed, “Our strategic expansion is a proactive response to the evolving playbooks in talent management by organizations. This initiative is crucial as we aim to build human capital in futuristic domains, diversify our offerings and revenue sources. We are committed to molding the future workforce and establishing ourselves as the go-to skilling partner in the B2B sector. Our programs are designed to deliver significant outcomes, enabling organizations to improve their existing performance and create new growth in a rapidly changing business world.”