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Hero Vired achieves 30% Learner Transition Success and 400+ Placements in FY ’24

New Delhi: Hero Vired, a learning technology platform under the esteemed Hero Group, marks its third year since inception with remarkable achievements. Boasting a 30% success rate in learner transitions across all cohorts, resulting in over 400 placements by the end of FY ’24, Hero Vired has emerged as a frontrunner in the Ed-Tech and startup arenas. 

The platform’s distinctive live session teaching model, providing an immersive classroom experience from the comfort of one’s home, has garnered praise. With over 20,000 hours of live teaching delivered in just three years, facilitated by a network of 300+ faculty members and industry partners, Hero Vired ensures the quality of program delivery. 

The program portfolio has expanded significantly, from 2 programs in the first year to over 20 in 2024, including pioneering programs in Future Tech like Extended Reality, Gaming & Esports, and UX. Through initiatives such as Women’s Day scholarships, placement assistance, and career guidance, Hero Vired has widened opportunities for eligible candidates. 

Reflecting on this milestone, Akshay Munjal, Founder & CEO of Hero Vired said,  “As we commemorate the third anniversary of Hero Vired, my thoughts gravitate towards a profound principle my grandfather staunchly advocated: “There is no greater investment and no better return than that in education – It benefits not only an individual but the society at large.” Sixty years ago, he was appointed as the President of Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, and from there, he went on to establish multiple educational institutions. We are proud that we are continuing his legacy through years of innovation in the field of education. To date, Hero Vired has facilitated over 400+ successful career transitions, with the last few months being exceptionally rewarding despite a challenging environment.”