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Beyond Cyber Defense, The Strategic Leadership of Today’s CISOs: An ObserveNow Exclusive

In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, technological advancements have revolutionized operations, streamlining processes and empowering workforces. However, with this progress comes a darker shadow – the looming specter of cyber threats. No business, regardless of its size or sector, is immune to the insidious reach of cybercrime. While some attacks make headlines, many more slip under the radar, leaving organizations vulnerable and exposed.

In response to this escalating threat, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has become indispensable. Once primarily a technical position, the CISO now finds themselves at the forefront of strategic decision-making, tasked with safeguarding not just data, but the very fabric of business continuity. According to Splunk’s CISO Report, a staggering 86% of CISOs acknowledge the profound evolution of their role, transforming into not just guardians of cybersecurity, but strategic leaders driving organizational resilience.

As regulatory pressures mount and the attack surface expands, the CISO’s responsibilities are set to soar even further. By 2027, Gartner predicts that nearly half of all CISOs will find their remits extending beyond cybersecurity alone. Today’s CISO is not merely a defender against digital threats; they are ambassadors of cyber resilience, translating technical jargon into the language of boardroom strategy.

In this era of perpetual digital transformation, the story of the modern CISO is one of adaptation, innovation, and unyielding determination to protect and propel the organizations they serve into a safer, more secure future.

With regards to the same, ObserveNow media presents some of the prominent CISO from varied industries who are making cyberspace a better place with their commendable work.

Anil Kumar Chief Information, Security Officer, Oberoi Group

He comes with a diverse expertise, spanning from naval technology to IT leadership in the hospitality sector. With a focus on customer-centric solutions, he drives information security and software quality assurance initiatives, ensuring compliance and efficient operations. Known for his strategic acumen and hands-on leadership, he excels in building and managing high-performing teams, implementing robust governance frameworks, and driving innovation to meet business objectives.



Ambuj Bhalla, CISO, Bharatpe 

As a seasoned cybersecurity leader with 20+ years across diverse sectors and top-tier organizations, he is honored with the Top 100 CISO awards in India. He has Specializing in program management, GRC, cyber defense, and operations. Passionate about scalable cybersecurity programs, engineering and business acumen to drive success in dynamic landscapes.



Neha Taneja, SGM & CISO, Hero Moto Corp

She boasts a diverse career spanning cybersecurity leadership roles at Cairn Oil and Gas, SBI Card, GE Capital, and KPMG US. With expertise in IT governance, compliance, and strategic planning, she’s known for her adeptness in safeguarding critical assets and operations. Her journey showcases her commitment to cybersecurity excellence, making her a trusted leader in the automotive and financial sectors.



Aditya Vardhan, CISO, Jindal Steel

With over 20 years of expertise, he excels in business acumen, governance, execution, and people management. As a Business Head, he oversees P&L, security offerings, business development, and operations. His extensive experience spans IT governance, risk, compliance, and information security across various industries like FMCG, engineering, energy, and ports. He is adept at aligning IT with business objectives, leading cross-functional teams across Asia, Middle East, and Africa. His skills include business management, consulting, cybersecurity architecture, risk management, and industry-specific security domains expertise in FMCG, BFSI, logistics, and more.



Kapil Madaan, Global Head – Information Security, Risk & Compliance(CISO & DPO), Max Healthcare

With extensive experience across Indian, US, and European markets, he is a certified dynamic technocrat specializing in cybersecurity, operations management, audit, IT governance, and more. His focus is on fostering trust through trusted products, platforms, and operating environments. Over two decades,he has witnessed the evolution of digital trust, shaping today’s cyber landscape. His  global leadership spans industries like healthcare, BFSI, telecommunications, manufacturing, and IT services.

Disclaimer: The organizations/ individuals listed above are not presented in ascending order. Their placement within the list does not imply any hierarchy, ranking, or preference.