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AICTE Unveils New Curriculum for BBA Programs

The Chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Professor T.G. Sitharam, has introduced the Model Curriculum Framework for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) courses. This framework, encompassing BBA, BBA Honors, and BBA Honors with Research programs, was inaugurated on Wednesday. At the launch event, members of the Expert Committee, appointed by AICTE to craft the curriculum, were in attendance.

Led by Prof. Anu Singh Lather, Vice Chancellor of Ambedkar University, Delhi, the committee comprises academic professionals and industry experts, ensuring a curriculum that effectively prepares students for real-world challenges. AICTE’s objective is to equip students to address global management challenges upon completing the course. Two program durations are offered: a three-year program spanning 6 semesters and a four-year program spanning 8 semesters. The three-year program consists of 120 credits, while the four-year program comprises 160 credits. The course structure is designed innovatively in line with the National Education Policy.

Upon completion, students will receive a BBA degree for the three-year program and a BBA Honors or BBA Honors with Research degree for the four-year program. Notable features of the model curriculum include Indian Knowledge System (IKS), human behavior and organization, Indian constitution, industrial visits/workshops, and mandatory internships.

This year, AICTE has expanded its scope to include BBA, BCA, and BMS courses, actively developing curricula for them. About 4200 institutions have received approval from the council so far. Additionally, AICTE has introduced a new scholarship for female students enrolled in BBA courses at AICTE-approved institutions and initiated a Faculty Development Program (FDP) for faculty members of these institutions.