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AI in Cyberspace – Vulnerability or Security?

AI usage in diverse industries is witnessing crossroad thoughts. When it comes to cybersecurity, the circumstances are almost similar.  A Google report indicates that over 40% of individuals perceive enhanced security as a primary benefit of AI. Conversely, others believe that AI introduces potential vulnerabilities and may facilitate data breaches, potentially increasing the risk of cyberattacks rather than bolstering security.

For decades, the primary challenge in cybersecurity has been to be a step ahead of attackers. However, with AI applications in cyberspace, threat detection has become a much easier approach. On April 8 2023, a coordinated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack was launched against 6 major airports in India by a hacker group named Anonymous Sudan. This major hack on airports of major metro cities was mitigated by a solution deployed by Prophaze – an emerging web application and API protection. The company demonstrated the significance of security measures and used real-time attack detection and blocking mechanisms which were powered by AI/ML algorithms.

Dr Yusuf Hashmi, Group Chief Information & Security Officer, Jubilant Bhartia Group

Dr Yusuf Hashmi, Group Chief Information & Security Officer, Jubilant Bhartia Group interacted with ObserveNow Media about the AI advancement in cyberspace and said, “Advancements in technologies like AI have indeed heightened the volatility of cyberspace. While AI offers tremendous benefits, its dual-use nature means it can be exploited by malicious actors for nefarious purposes.”

Talking of the relevant measures while adopting AI in cyberspace, he added, “ The recent research highlights the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures and international cooperation to mitigate these threats effectively. As we embrace innovation, we must also prioritize security to safeguard critical infrastructure and sensitive information from exploitation in cyberspace.”

The intersection of AI and cybersecurity presents both opportunities and challenges. While AI technologies offer significant potential for improving threat detection and response, it also introduce new vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious factors. AI usage is still in the nascent stage considering the diverse industries, however, the best possible usage of it will unfold in the years to come.