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Top 5 EdTech Solution Companies Revolutionising Education in India: ObserveNow Exclusive

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we learn, pushing technology to the forefront. With schools closing, everyone – teachers, students, and parents – had to use digital tools for learning. This change showed how important Educational Technology (EdTech) is. It keeps getting better and changing how we learn, even as things get better.

According to a report by Globaldata in 2022, the Indian EdTech market made $4.3 billion in revenue, growing about 16.8% every year since 2017. The reason behind this growth is that technology keeps getting better and more people are using digital tools for learning. Considering the continuous growth and effective usage of EdTech in enhancing the education landscape. 

Here are five top EdTech companies in India:

  • LinkedIn Talent Solutions encompasses three tools designed to facilitate recruitment. Within this suite, LinkedIn Learning offers a plethora of video courses instructed by industry professionals, covering topics ranging from software to business skills. Operating as a subsidiary of LinkedIn, this platform categorizes its courses into Business, Creative, Technology, and Certifications.
  • D2L is a global educational innovation company dedicated to reshaping the landscape of learning and work. Their mission revolves around personalized learning accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability, or location.
  • Coursera for Campus serves as an online hub for a diverse array of courses, degrees, certificates, and tutorials offered by over 300 prestigious institutions and companies, including Stanford, Duke, Google, and IBM. Learning experiences range from hands-on projects to comprehensive, job-ready credentials.
  • Google Cloud for Education‘s Teaching & Learning credits program furnishes faculty and students in accredited US programs with credits. Similarly, outside the US, the program extends credits to faculty and students in eligible higher-learning institutions and universities.
  • AWS Educate delivers extensive self-paced training and resources tailored for newcomers to cloud computing. Its user-friendly interface offers targeted training content based on individual knowledge, objectives, interests, and age.


EdTech holds paramount significance for the future of learning. It facilitates enhanced educational experiences through the utilization of digital tools and personalized learning methodologies. By fostering collaboration and critical thinking skills, EdTech effectively prepares learners for the challenges of the future. As technological advancements continue to unfold, EdTech’s pivotal role in revolutionizing global education will only amplify, ensuring equitable access and fostering excellence in learning outcomes for all.


Disclaimer: The organizations listed above are not presented in ascending order. Their placement within the list does not imply any hierarchy, ranking, or preference.