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MBA ESG Sets New Standard in Student Training with Industry Collaboration and Practical Learning

Pune: MBA ESG is redefining student education by prioritizing industry collaboration and hands-on training. Ensuring a comprehensive learning journey, the institution prepares students for the ever-evolving demands of professional environments.

At the core of MBA ESG’s approach is its dedication to engaging students with industry experts. Through a range of activities including guest lectures, masterclasses, and workshops, students benefit from insights shared by notable figures such as Priya Bhagi from the Luxury Perfume Industry, Camelia Bouaziz, and Melissa Sassi from the Sports Industry, and Nimrod Mon Brokman from Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2023. These interactions offer invaluable knowledge on current industry trends and effective practices.

Furthermore, MBA ESG enriches its curriculum by bringing in international faculty from Paris. This year, experts like Sebastien Santos, Roland Louvet, and Audrey Kabla contributed their expertise in Luxury and Sports Management, providing students with a global perspective.

Complementing classroom teachings, MBA ESG emphasizes practical experience through internships. Notable achievements include students like Ayush Gupta and Neerav Kalra securing internships at prestigious events like the ICC World Cup 2023. Additionally, six Sports Management students gained hands-on experience during IPL 2023 internships, further enhancing their skills and industry exposure.

Anup Sasidharan, Managing Director at MBA ESG India, said, “By fostering collaboration with industry experts and providing hands-on training opportunities, MBA ESG is committed to empowering students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s competitive job market.”

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