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Karnataka Government Collaborates with CISCO to Boost Cybersecurity Skills and Awareness

New Delhi: In a significant move, the Government of Karnataka has forged a partnership with Cisco to bolster cybersecurity capabilities and awareness within the state. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked on Wednesday sets forth ambitious goals to equip 40,000 individuals across Karnataka with essential cybersecurity skills while also enhancing cyber awareness among citizens. Notably, this initiative prioritizes gender diversity by ensuring that half of the trained workforce will be women, recognizing the importance of a diverse talent pool in addressing the evolving cyber threats.

This collaboration extends beyond individual training programs. It encompasses a comprehensive approach, including a ‘Train the Trainers’ program aimed at empowering college faculties with the requisite knowledge and skills to foster a robust cyber ecosystem.

By nurturing educators, this initiative seeks to amplify the impact of cybersecurity education, ultimately fortifying the state’s defenses against cyber threats. Furthermore, the partnership underscores a shared commitment to bolstering cyber resilience among citizens, with a focus on promoting safer online practices and empowering individuals to navigate the digital landscape securely.

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