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Tarun Anand awarded “LEO1 Education Excellence Award” at LEO1 Education Excellence Awards 2024

Mumbai: The Leo1 Education Excellence Awards 2024, hosted by ObserveNow Media, took place on February 9th, 2024, at Taj Palace in Mumbai. This conclave was designed to recognize exceptional educational institutions and leaders for their contributions to the field of education.

Distinguished by the presence of Indian Cricket team Captain and Leo1 Brand Ambassador, Rohit Sharma, the awards ceremony recognized leaders and institutions across more than 50 categories, encompassing various aspects of higher education, school education, and preschool education, thereby showcasing the diverse dimensions of educational merit.

Tarun Anand, Chancellor & Founder, Universal AI University, received the award for the award category “LEO1 Education Excellence Award”

The Leo1 Education Excellence Awards 2024 stood out as a prominent corporate gathering, uniting leaders, educators, and institutions committed to shaping the future of education in India. By honoring those who demonstrated remarkable dedication to educational innovation and excellence, the awards aimed to commend both individuals and institutions for their outstanding contributions.

About Leo1

LEO 1, a Fintech firm established in Mumbai in 2017, aids parents in managing their children’s school expenses by offering personal loans repaid through convenient monthly payments. Recognized by Forbes and nurtured by Google, LEO 1 is dedicated to facilitating access to quality education for everyone, operating as a for-profit venture with a focus on creating positive social impact.

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